The U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers

The U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers is an extensive multimedia collection, comprised of the life’s work of the prolific human rights documentarian Robin Romano. Among the crates of physical materials and the vast array of digital media, we are working to make the entirety of Robin’s work accessible to the public; while the physical materials are located at the University of Connecticut’s Archives & Special Collections Department at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, the digital materials are continuously being added to our digital repository. This collection is unique, in that we have access to the supplemental documentation that exists alongside the visual work of a multimedia documentarian. The repository is currently organized according to Robin’s major projects, and will continually grow and evolve as new additions are added. This online collection is meant to serve as a representation of the materials available through the Romano Papers, as there are often many iterations and components that come together to make one of Robin’s ‘final-product’ photographs or videos.

A Guide to the U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers, 1972-2011

Major Projects:

RugMark Foundation
Stolen Childhoods
The Dark Side of Chocolate
The Harvest
West Africa Labor