Archives & Special Collections

We acquire, preserve, and engage with materials which document the human experience to help students, scholars, and the public learn from the past and understand the present. From manuscripts and letters to maps and photographs, our collections support and advance research, teaching, and scholarship across the University and beyond.

Department Staff

Melica Bloom
Research Services Coordinator
Patrick Butler
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Kristin Eshelman
Archivist; Archival Processing; Multimedia Collections
Clara Nguyen
Project Archivist
Rebecca Parmer
Head of Archives & Special Collections
Betsy Pittman
University Archivist; Archival Processing; Political Collections
Carlee Smith
Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project Manager
Laura Smith
Archivist; Archival Reference & Outreach; Business & Labor History & Railroad Collections
Graham Stinnett
Archivist; Archival Reference & Outreach; Human Rights Collections
Melissa Batt Watterworth
Archivist; Archival Processing; Literary & Natural History Collections