The U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers

Progress on this collection has been made through the efforts of those who have so generously devoted their time, energy, and experience. We would like to thank the following individuals who have engaged with the U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers so far:

James Brundage
Marijane Ceruti
Gregory Colati
Kristin Eshelman
Jennifer Eustis
Brooke Foti
Shareen Hertel
Nicholas Hurley
Shawna Lesseur
Anna Lindemann
Krista Miller
Georgia Morris
Len Morris
Cristobal Ortega-Berger
Betsy Pittman
Laura Smith
Graham Stinnett
Donald Swinton
Fiona Vernal
Samana Zaidi

Our sincere thanks to the following contributors, who continue to support our work on the U. Roberto (Robin) Romano Papers, and without whom none of this would be possible:

The Umberto Romano And Clorinda Romano Foundation, Inc.
The Earl and Dora Mattoon Ward Fund For Human Rights Photojournalism

We would also like to acknowledge the following contributors, who worked with and supported Robin in the creation of his work over the past decades: