Latin American and Caribbean Studies

La Mariposa glauca de Boriquén
La Mariposa glauca de Boriquén.

The Latin American Newspapers collection includes approximately 2000 titles of the Latin American and Caribbean newspapers. The collection is strongest for the late nineteenth century and contains newspapers from virtually every country of Latin America and the Caribbean. The most notable portion of the collection is represented by newspapers from Bolivia. Twenty-nine cities of Bolivia are represented with major holdings from the cities of La Paz and Cochabamba. The most notable portion of the collection is represented by newspapers from Bolivia and Peru. The Spanish Periodical and Newspapers collection is another very important collection, collected by the late Duque de T’Serclaes, the collection spans three centuries. The bulk of the materials cover the years 1800-1840 and include a wide variety of topics about Spain and Latin America.

Of particular interest are approximately 300 Mexican broadsides consisting mainly of governmental decrees, proclamations, and circulars from the first half of the nineteenth century. This collection includes documents on such subjects as the economy, farming, elections, and military and ecclesiastical communications. Also included is a manuscript hacienda account book of the Marquesa de Apartado from 1850.


Accessing These Materials

All materials are available for use in the John P. McDonald Reading Room. For additional information, please see Using our Materials. Some collections are available in our digital repository.