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Connecticut Digital Archive 
Search our digital archival collections and materials from other educational and cultural institutions around the state.

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Search digital collections from UConn Library and more than 40 educational and cultural institutions from around the state in the Connecticut Digital Archive.

Boston Library Consortium

What is the Boston Library Consortium?
The Boston Library Consortium (BLC) is a group of 22 academic and research libraries located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Current member institutions can be found at the Boston Library Consortium website.

Who can use the consortium?
Consortium access is available to UConn faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. (The service does not extend to the UConn Health Center or Law School communities).

Can I have in-person access to the consortium libraries?
Yes, you can have access to the consortium libraries by obtaining a consortium card. You can obtain the consortium card by visiting the Babbidge Library’s iDesk, or the circulation desk at any of the UConn regional campuses. Cards can be renewed as long as you are still eligible and may not be transferred.

Please see the BLC Consortium Card information page for more information on the program, including its privileges and policies, before you visit a consortia library. Borrowing privileges, loan periods, and fine policies vary at each member institution; you are responsible for any charges you accrue, and failure to abide by member library policies may result in the loss of library privileges at all BLC libraries. You should return your materials to the library you visited.