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Community Borrower Program

Homer Babbidge Library, including 24-hour study spaces, are accessible via UConn ID access after 8pm.

Community Borrowers may borrow from the Storrs and Regional Campus Libraries by acquiring a Library-issued borrowers card. Apply in person for a Community Borrowers card (Note: for Storrs campus, applications are available only in the Homer Babbidge Library) and present proof of one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Proof of residency in the State of Connecticut. Driver’s license or state ID card is required.
  • Lifetime members of the UConn Alumni Association; fee-exempt privileges are granted on an annual basis. Proof of membership is required.
  • Registered students of the CT State University system or the CT Community/Technical College systems; fee-exempt privileges are granted on a semester-by-semester basis. Proof of registration for the current semester is required, such as a paid fee bill or a valid home institution ID.
  • Hartford Public Library cardholders; fee-exempt privileges are granted provided that the cardholder is in active standing with the Hartford Public Library.  A valid Hartford Public Library card is required and your card, once authorized, will serve as your community borrower’s card for materials from the UConn Library.
  • Faculty of the CT State University system and the CT Community/Technical College system; fee-exempt privileges are granted on an annual basis. Valid home institution ID is required.
  • Spouses or domestic partners of UConn faculty or staff; fee-exempt privileges are granted on an annual basis. Proof of same address as spouse or partner is required.

The cost for an Annual UConn Library Community Borrower Card is $50 per year from the date of purchase however, the fee is currently being waived. There is no cost for an Annual UConn Library Community Borrower Card at this time.


Community Borrower Program Policies

BORROWING BOOKS/REQUEST SERVICE There is a 25-book limit. Books are loaned for 30 days. Journals do not circulate. Please present your Community Borrower Card each time you check-out books or make use of other resources. Borrowers may use the Request Service to request items from any UConn campus library. However full use of Interlibrary Services is not permitted.  

RENEWAL All borrowers, except Boston Library Consortium users, may renew books twice unless items are requested by another borrower. Renewal can be done in-person at the iDesk or by calling (860) 486-2518.

RECALL As a Community Borrower you may not recall books.  Recalling a book that is checked out is a service provided only for faculty, students and staff of the University. It is very important that you return any recalled books promptly. Borrowers who are temporarily unable to respond to recall notices should make prior arrangements with the iDesk.

BOOK RETURN Please return all books to the Information Desk (iDesk) on the Plaza Level of the Babbidge Library. When the library is closed, books may be left in the depository slots at the North and South entrances. Recalled books should be returned directly to the staff member at the iDesk. Books may also be returned at any UConn campus libraries. Books should NOT be returned via local public libraries.

OVERDUE BOOKS A date due receipt is provided for all items you check out. Please note the due date and return or renew materials on time. If you think that you returned a book but are still receiving overdue notices, please contact the iDesk at (860) 486-2518 so the problem can be addressed in a timely manner.

ADDRESS CHANGES Please notify the iDesk promptly of any address change. An incorrect address may result in undeliverable notices and in the unnecessary suspension of borrowing privileges or bills.

SUSPENSION OF PRIVILEGES Privileges are temporarily suspended when a borrower:

  • Has one overdue recalled book
  • Has reached the 25 book charge limit
  • Has an excessive accumulation of library charges
  • Has an expired record


  • Long overdue item (28 days or more overdue): $15 non-refundable overdue/late return fee and $95 book replacement fee, which will be removed once the item is returned
  • Overdue recalled item: $5.00 a day/item; maximum of $50.
  • Babbidge Library media: $1.00 a day/item; maximum of $15.

ITEM REPLACEMENT CHARGE Long overdue items are billed at $95 per item plus a $15 non refundable overdue/late return fee. The $95 replacement cost is credited when the item is returned within two years of the billing date and must be in good working condition.

PAYMENTS Library charges are paid at the University Bursar’s Office (not at the library). Payments by mail should be forwarded to: The University of Connecticut Bursar’s Office, Accounts Receivable, Unit 4100, Storrs, CT 06269-4100. Borrowers should wait for a final bill from Accounts Receivable before remitting payment. Please make checks payable to the University of Connecticut.

CARD REPLACEMENT If you lose your Community Borrower’s card, go to the iDesk for a replacement.

PRESERVING LIBRARY COLLECTIONS Books, periodicals, and other library materials are expensive and fragile. Frequently they can be repaired if damage is treated promptly, but usually they cannot be replaced. Please help to preserve the collections for others by handling materials carefully. If you find damaged items in the course of your use of the library, please bring them to the attention of iDesk staff.

USING YOUR COMMUNITY BORROWER CARD AT THE HOMER BABBIDGE LIBRARY Community Borrowers may borrow items from the following libraries on the Storrs campus: Homer Babbidge Library, Music & Dramatic Arts Library, and the Pharmacy Library. Community Borrowers also have access to Reserve Room materials and the Microlab. Borrowing policies at the Regional Campus Libraries may vary. Please consult the specific library for information. Some library services are available only to faculty, staff and students of the University, including: Interlibrary Services (ILLiad), recall of books from other borrowers, and use of certain database services that are restricted by licensing agreements. Observing the library policies governing the Community Borrower Program will help to ensure that your use of the library is successful. We look forward to serving you. For more information about the Community Borrower Program please contact the HBL Access & Visitor Services iDesk at (860) 486-2518 or