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Connecticut Digital Archive 
Search our digital archival collections and materials from other educational and cultural institutions around the state.

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Search digital collections from UConn Library and more than 40 educational and cultural institutions from around the state in the Connecticut Digital Archive.


University Borrowers

Faculty, staff, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates must have a valid patron record in the library management system and a University issued photo Husky One Card to borrow items from the UConn Library. 

Community Members

Residents of the state of Connecticut 18-years of age and older, may obtain a library issued community  borrowers card for borrowing.   Cost of the card is $50.00 per year (including all subsequent renewals).  

Library Materials

All borrowers are responsible for the care of items checked out and for their return by the due dates (and due time in the case of hourly/daily loans).   It is the borrower’s responsibility to monitor the due dates/due times of all items and return (or renew them if possible) by the due date or due date/time.

Long Overdue Items

Borrowers may be charged replacement costs and associated overdue fines for any items kept 27 days (or longer) past the due date. Any UConn Library items billed for replacement may be returned up to one year past the billing date if it is in good condition (as determined by the library). The replacement cost for items returned in good condition would be refundable.

Please note: Replacement fees cannot be refunded for materials borrowed from ILLiad Interlibrary Loan.