Subject Specialists

The Subject Specialists Program provides faculty and students with a personal contact to whom library-related issues and questions may be addressed. The list is arranged by campus to facilitate face-to-face communication, but faculty and students are welcome to contact liaisons with subject expertise regardless of the campus where they work. For those subject areas where vacancies exist, a contact person who can assist with general library services is listed.

For more information, please contact:

Sara Harrington
Associate University Librarian for Academic Engagement
(860) 486-2522


Storrs Campus Liaisons

Subject Area Liaison Contact Information
Africana Studies General Information 860-486-2734
African Studies Michael Rodriguez 860-486-9325
Agriculture Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Agriculture & Resource Economics General Information 860-486-6016
Animal Science Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Anthropology & Archaeology Marisol Ramos 860-486-2734
Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies General Information 860-486-2734 michael.s.young@uconn.
Art & Art History Michael Young 860-486-4953
Asian American Studies Michael Rodriguez 860-486-9325
Biology Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Biomedical Engineering Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Business General Information 959-200-3465
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Chemistry Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Chinese Studies General Information 860-486-4953
Civil & Environmental Engineering Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Michael Young 860-486-4953
Communication Donovan Reinwald 860-486-7988
Computer Science & Engineering Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Digital Media & Design General Information 860-486-4959
Dramatic Arts Michael Young 860-486-4953
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Economics General Information 860-486-6016
Education Sheila Lafferty 860-486-6020
Electrical & Computer Engineering Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Engineering (General) Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
English Richard Bleiler 860-486-1246
Environmental Science Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
French Studies Renée Walsh 860-486-1262
Gender & Sexual Minorities (LGBTQIA) Studies Alice Fairfield 860-486-1264
Geography Steven Batt 860-486-6128
Geosciences General Information 860-486-6128
German Studies Richard Bleiler 860-486-1246
Health Jill Livingston 860-486-8303
History General Information 860-486-1582
Human Development & Family Sciences Kathy Banas-Marti 860-486-0843
Human Rights General Information 860-486-6027
Italian Studies Michael Young 860-486-4953
Journalism Steven Batt 860-486-6128
Judaic Studies Michael Young 860-486-4953
Kinesiology Jill Livingston 860-486-8303
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Marisol Ramos 860-486-2734
Linguistics Richard Bleiler 860-486-1246
Mathematics Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Materials Science Engineering Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Mechanical Engineering Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Medieval Studies Richard Bleiler 860-486-1246
Music Michael Young 860-486-4953
Molecular & Cell Biology Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Natural Resources Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Nursing Valori Banfi 860-486-2824
Nutritional Sciences Sharon Giovenale 860-486-2218
Pathobiology & Veterinary Science Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Pharmacy Sharon Giovenale 860-486-2218
Philosophy Richard Bleiler 860-486-1246
Physical Therapy Jill Livingston 860-486-8303
Physics Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Physiology & Neurobiology Jennifer Chaput 860-486-1984
Plant Science Carolyn Mills 860-486-1263
Political Science General Information 860-486-2734
Psychology Valori Banfi 860-486-2824
Puerto Rican & Latina/o Studies Marisol Ramos 860-486-2734
Sociology Marisol Ramos 860-486-2734
Spanish Studies Marisol Ramos 860-486-2734
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Teri Shiel 860-679-4108
Statistics Renee Walsh 860-486-1262
Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Sara Harrington (interim) 860-486-2522


Regional Campuses Liaisons

Subject Area Liaison Contact Information
Avery Point
Marine Sciences and Maritime Studies Beth Rumery 860-405-9148
Undergraduate Programs Beth Rumery 860-405-9148
Business Janice Mathews (interim) 959-200-3461
Education Marsha Lee 959-200-3467
Engineering & Sciences Marsha Lee 959-200-3467
English Steve Batt
Marsha Lee
959 200-3465 
Fine Arts Marsha Lee 959-200-3467
History Janice Mathews 959-200-3461  
Humanities Marsha Lee 959-200-3467
Public Policy Steve Batt 959 200-3465
Social Sciences Janice Mathews 959-200-3461
Social Work Janice Mathews 959-200-3461
Urban & Community Studies Janice Mathews 959-200-3461
Business General Information 203-251-8523
English Nancy Dryden 203-251-8439
Human Development and Family Studies Phara Bayonne 203-251-8523
Political Science Phara Bayonne 203-251-8523
Psychology Nancy Dryden 203-251-8439
Sciences General Information 203-251-8523
Social Sciences Phara Bayonne 203-251-8523
Undergraduate/Graduate Programs Shelley Goldstein 203-236-9908