Subject Specialists

The Subject Specialists Program provides faculty and students with a personal contact to whom library-related issues and questions may be addressed. The list is arranged by campus to facilitate face-to-face communication, but faculty and students are welcome to contact liaisons with subject expertise regardless of the campus where they work. If you do not see your subject area or discipline represented, or have any other questions, please contact:

Sara Harrington
Associate University Librarian for Academic Engagement


Sam Boss
Head of Research Services

You may also be interested in consulting the Libraries subject-based Research Guides


Storrs Campus Liaisons

Subject Area Liaison Contact Information
Africana Studies Stephanie Birch, 860-486-2734
African Studies Stephanie Birch, 860-486-2734
Agriculture & Resource Economics Edward Lim, 860-486-6952

Anthropology & Archaeology Fyansia Nsilo – Swai, 860-486-2518
Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies General Information, 860-486-2734
Art & Art History Michael Young, 860-486-4953
Asian American Studies General Information, 860-486-8303
Biomedical Engineering Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984
Business Edward Lim, 860-486-6952
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984 
Chemistry Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984 
Chinese Studies General Information, 860-486-4953
Civil & Environmental Engineering Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Michael Young, 860-486-4953
Communication Fyansia Nsilo – Swai, 860-486-2518
Computer Science & Engineering Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Digital Media & Design General Information, 860-486-4959
Dramatic Arts Michael Young, 860-486-4953
Economics Edward Lim, 860-486-6952
Electrical & Computer Engineering Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Engineering (General) Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
English Richard Bleiler, 860-486-1246
Entrepreneurship Edward Lim, 860-486-6952
French Studies Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Gender & Sexual Minorities (LGBTQIA) Studies Alice Fairfield, 860-486-1264
German Studies Richard Bleiler, 860-486-1246
History Dave Avery, 860-486-1582
Human Rights Zach Claybaugh
Italian Studies Michael Young, 860-486-4953
Judaic Studies Michael Young, 860-486-4953
Kinesiology Hilary Kraus, 860-486-6029

Latina/o, Caribbean, & Latin American Studies Jennifer Schaefer, 860-486-1263
Linguistics Richard Bleiler, 860-486-1246
Mathematics Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Materials Science Engineering Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984 
Mechanical Engineering Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Medieval Studies Richard Bleiler, 860-486-1246
Music Samuel Boss, 860-486-8303
Molecular & Cell Biology Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984 
Nutritional Sciences Roslyn Grandy, (860) 486-2218
Pharmacy Roslyn Grandy, (860) 486-2218
Philosophy Richard Bleiler, 860-486-1246
Physical Therapy Hilary Kraus, 860-486-6029
Physics Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Physiology & Neurobiology Jennifer Chaput, 860-486-1984 
Psychology Hilary Kraus, 860-486-6029
Puerto Rican Studies Jennifer Schaefer, 860-486-1263
Sociology Fyansia Nsilo – Swai, 860-486-2518
Spanish Studies Jennifer Schaefer, 860-486-1263
Statistics Renee Walsh, 860-486-1262
Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Kelsey Brown, 860-486-7988


Regional Campuses Liaisons

Subject Area Liaison Contact Information
Avery Point
Marine Sciences and Maritime Studies Dave Avery, 860-486-1582
Undergraduate Programs Dave Avery, 860-486-1582
Business Karen Tatarka
Education Karen Tatarka
Engineering & Sciences Marsha Lee, 959-200-3467
English Marsha Lee, 959-200-3467
Fine Arts Marsha Lee, 959-200-3467
History Janice Mathews, 959-200-3461
Humanities Marsha Lee, 959-200-3467
Public Policy Karen Tatarka
STEM Marsha Lee, 959-200-3467
Social Sciences Janice Mathews, 959-200-3461
Social Work Janice Mathews, 959-200-3461
Urban & Community Studies Janice Mathews, 959-200-3461
Business General Information, 203-251-8523 
English Nancy Dryden, 203-251-8439
Human Development and Family Sciences Phara Bayonne, 203-251-8523 
Political Science Phara Bayonne, 203-251-8523 
Psychology Nancy Dryden, 203-251-8439
Sciences General Information, 203-251-8523 
Social Sciences Phara Bayonne, 203-251-8523 
Undergraduate/Graduate Programs Sara Harrington, 860-486-6020