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Connecticut Digital Archive 
Search our digital archival collections and materials from other educational and cultural institutions around the state.

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Search digital collections from UConn Library and more than 40 educational and cultural institutions from around the state in the Connecticut Digital Archive.

Reserve Policies

Copyright Guidelines

The Library provides copyright information relevant to instructors teaching classes. Instructors are responsible for compliance with copyright law and with license agreements for Library-licensed electronic resources.


Reserve Requests

Please see the Course Reserves page for instructions on how to reserve books & DVDs. Reserve staff make every attempt to process requests in a timely manner. Requests are processed in the order received. Requests submitted after the start of term, or incomplete or incorrect information in requests, can cause delays in making Reserve materials available to students.


Placing Personal Items on Reserve

  • Personal copies of books, DVDs, and CDs are placed on Reserve at the owner’s risk. Although we make every effort to safeguard materials, the Library is not responsible for damaged or lost personal items.
  • We will attach book pockets and barcodes to your personal items.
  • Please drop off your personal copies at the iDesk on the Plaza level of the Homer Babbidge Library or at the Circulation Desk of your Regional Campus Library.
    • There is a Personal Copies form to be used at the Homer Babbidge Library that you may download and fill out in advance to print and bring with your personal copies. It is available in two formats: Fillable PDF, Printable PDF.
  • Please contact Reserve Services staff if you have other types of personally owned items you wish to put on Reserve to see if the request can be accommodated.