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Course Reserves

Course Reserves

For faculty: The Library attempts to make all materials assigned for a class available electronically whenever possible. The Library already owns or provides access to electronic versions of many books, journal articles, and videos. Please consult the Library catalog to see if the item you are assigning is already accessible electronically. If it is, you may simply link to it in your course’s HuskyCT site. (See Stable Linking to Electronic Resources.)

If a journal article or book excerpt that you are assigning is only available in physical format, please see Scanning Articles or Chapters.

If you are assigning an entire book or a video that is either not owned by the Library or is only owned in physical format, please send information on the item to, and we will attempt to acquire the item electronically. Include in your message:

  • Name of the book or video and any other identifying information you have
  • Course number and course name (e.g., HIST 3232 – History of Refugees)
  • Department
  • Campus
  • Date needed
  • Semester(s) assigned


Additional Guidance for Instructors:

  • When possible, submit assigned course materials requests at least three weeks in advance.
  • Due to budgetary constraints, requests for electronic materials may be limited to the five most important resources per course.
  • The Library generally does not acquire traditional textbooks.
  • Purchases will be made in accordance with the Library’s Collection Development Policies.
  • The Library can help you identify alternative course materials and create persistent links for electronic resources. Please contact your subject specialist for assistance

If we cannot obtain electronic access to the item, we will follow up with you to put a physical version (either a Library-owned copy or the instructor’s personal copy) on Course Reserve. Course Reserve allows instructors to set aside physical books, films, and CDs for class use. Physical items placed on reserve have shorter loan periods than other library materials to allow access by a high volume of students. Physical materials on reserve at all libraries are held at the circulation desk.