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Waterbury Campus Library Policies

Borrowing Materials

Faculty, staff, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates must have a valid patron record in the library management system and a University issued photo Husky One Card to borrow items from the UConn Waterbury Library; members of the community may apply for a Community Borrower card to borrow or request materials from other UConn libraries. All users must adhere to the UConn Library Borrowing Policies.  

Computer Use Policy

Public Workstations require NetID credentials and are intended to support academic research and the completion of academic projects. Users accessing public workstations  for personal use may be asked to relinquish the computer. Authorized visitors must register at the front desk with a valid ID and may use Public wireless access via self-registration. Public workstations are governed by the President’s Policy on Harassment. This includes displaying images or text that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile or offensive. 

Food/Beverage, & Smoking Policy

It is the policy of the Library to maintain an environment appropriate for the protection of library materials and conducive to study. By complying with the policy, we can maintain a clean environment. Do not bring food or drinks near public computers, scanners, and printers.  Snacks and covered beverages are permitted in other areas.  Meals should be consumed in the lobby outside the library.  Properly dispose of all food, trash, and recyclables.  Please report any spills to the Front Desk.

In accordance with Connecticut General Statute, smoking (of any type including e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the Library.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are only available to UConn students with a valid ID on a first come, first served basis. The library has a variety of study area options, equipped with wireless access, live data jacks,  whiteboards, and monitors to project portable devices. Usage may be limited to two hours to accommodate demand. The doors to the study rooms must be closed/locked at all times.   Rooms left unattended with personal belongings may be referred to Security. Food and noise policies must be followed in group study areas. Group study rooms are for course-related activities. Groups of 2 or more are given priority to study rooms.

Sign-up is required at the Front Desk to those with a valid UConn ID, who will assume responsibility for any damage or abuse to the premises. UConn faculty and staff may reserve study rooms by contacting the Library Director.  Study room keys and other materials available on loan may not leave the library and may not be transferred to others.

Check Study Room Availability online

 Library Security

The main doors near the Front Desk are the only entrance to the library. Patrons must pass through security gates upon entering and exiting. An alarm will sound if other doors are used and if library materials are removed without being properly checked out. If an item sets off the alarm, library staff reserves the right to inspect your items. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal property lost or stolen on library premises. We ask that you never leave personal property unattended in the Library and that suspicious activity be reported promptly.

Noise & Cell Phone Use

As a commuter campus, we need to provide quiet spaces for our students and therefore ask that library users view the library as a place for study and work. If you are collaborating on a group project, request a group study room. When you enter the Library,  turn off your cell phone ringer.  If you need to use your cell phone, step outside the library. Headphones must be used at all times when accessing audio programs. The library provides headphone on loan.  Please report any noise concerns to library staff members.

Public Use

Computer stations and equipment are intended to support academic research by UConn students, faculty, and staff.  UConn is contractually bound to limit access to databases and e-resources to current UConn students, faculty, and staff.   The Library adheres to Connecticut Code – Sec. 53-21a with regard to unsupervised children.   Guests need to register at the front desk of the library and provide a valid photo identification card.  There is one public terminal and scanners are available for limited public use. First floor study carrel computing, printing,  photocopying, and lending equipment  is  restricted to UConn users with valid IDs. 


Black-and-white and color printing is available at the library and paid for with your UConn ID. UConn users may also print from personal devices.  The photocopier and scanner are located on the first floor of the library and are reserved for academic use   There is a 10- minute scanning limit. Please adhere to Copyright laws.  UConn users  may add funds to their HuskyCard by going to the One Card website

Problems & Suggestions

Problems and suggestions should be reported immediately to the Front Desk at the library or by contacting the Library Director.


Patrons are asked not reshelve materials after use. Books left on carrels, tables, and carts are routinely shelved by library staff.

Library Assistance

To request reference/research assistance and instructional support, contact Sara Harrington.  For assistance with interlibrary loans and issues with overdue materials/fines,  contact  Steve Bustamante. Online support is also available by going to  Ask a Librarian.  Users requiring accommodations should refer to the Waterbury campus Case Services Coordinator