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Loan Periods & Limits

Loan Periods | Book Limits |  Returning Books | Honors Students | Library Notices | Journals |  Policy on Confidentiality |  Interlibrary Services Policies

Loan Periods

Please note that items may be borrowed (and potentially renewed) for the loan periods given below unless a recall comes into play.  As is the case with most academic libraries items may be recalled by other borrowers (including Reserve Services when the item is needed for a class). Borrowers must return recalled items by the date specified in the recall notice, or become subject to overdue recall fines and replacement charges. If questions please contact Access and Visitor Services at or (860) 486-2518.

Books (does not include Leisure Reading or non-circulating items)

  • 180-day Loan:
    • Faculty
    • Undergraduate Students
    • Graduate Students
    • Honors Students
    • Staff
    • Visiting Scholars
    • Adjunct faculty
    • Emeritus Retirees
  • 30-day Loan:
    • University Affiliates
    • Community Borrowers
    • Non-Emeritus Retirees
    • Boston Library Consortium Card holders


  • 14-day Loan (unless on reserve as noted below)
    • Loan period applies to all borrowers.
    • No renewals permitted for DVD/VHS items.
    • Reserve media items circulate for 3 hours/overnight only.

Item Limits


  • 300 Items:
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Graduate Students
    • Emeritus Retirees
    • Honors Undergraduate Students
  • 150 Items:
    • Undergraduate Students
    • Visiting Scholars
    • University Affiliates
  • 25 Items:
    • Community Borrower Program participants
    • Non-Emeritus Retirees
    • Boston Library Consortium Card holders

Faculty can have 300 items checked out at one time, and have a 180 day loan period renewable five times unless requested by another borrower (videos loan for 14 days).


Technology Lending (no renewals)

Visit the Technology Services page for more information and select your campus location for specific lending policies.

  • BA II Plus Financial Calculator – 1 Day
  • Calm-to-Go Kit: Muse Headband & Weighted Shoulder Wrap – 4 hours
  • Camcorder – 2 days
  • Dell USB Slim DVD Drive – 4 Hours
  • Digital Camera – 2 days
  • Dry Erase Marker Sets  – 4 hours
  • Headphones – 4 hours
  • Headphones – Noise Cancelling – 4 hours
  • Laptops Windows or Mac OS – 4 hours or shortened to close of business
  • Makey Makey Invention Kit – 4 hours
  • Multi-device Chargers – 4 hours
  • Portable DVD Player – 4 hours or shortened to close of business
  • TI-30X IIS Fundamental Scientific Calculator – 1 Day
  • TI-84 All Purpose Graphing Calculator – 1 Day
  • TI-89 Graphing Calculators – 4 hours
  • Voice Recorder – 2 days

Access to Electronic Resources (restricted by licensing agreements)

  • Faculty
  • Graduate Students
  • Honors Undergraduate Students
  • Staff
  • Undergraduate Students

Returning Books

Return books, media, and Interlibrary Services materials to the iDesk on the Storrs campus or Circulation Desk of any Regional Campus Library.

Recalled items should be returned directly to the iDesk attendant on the Storrs campus or to staff at the Circulation Desk of any Regional Campus Library. Receipts for returned items are available upon request. When the library is closed, books, media, and Interlibrary Services materials may be placed in the depository slots at the North and South entrances.

Honors Students

Undergraduate students participating in the Honors Program receive graduate student/faculty level borrowing privileges for books at the Babbidge Library and the regional campuses libraries. These enhanced borrowing privileges provide Honors Students with extended access to resources for their academic courses, thesis work, and undergraduate research.

Borrowing privileges are: 180-day loan period for most books (excluding leisure reading, etc.).  Five 180-day renewals that can be done on-line.  Books may be borrowed beyond the 5th 180-day renewal period if they are brought back to the library for discharge and inspection and have not been requested by other patrons.

Items checked out by Honors Students are subject to recall by other users and must be returned by the date specified in the recall notice.   Borrowers not returning recalled items on time will be subject to overdue charges and potential replacement costs.

Library Notices

Courtesy notices are sent seven (7) days prior to the item coming due for items with a loan period of 30 days or more. Only one courtesy (reminder) notice is sent. If the item(s) are not returned or renewed by the due date, an overdue notice will follow. Borrowers must take note of the due dates for all items checked out and renew or return them on time.

Recall notices are sent to borrowers as soon as a request on an item has been placed.   Borrowers must return the recalled item by the date specified in the recall notice (or become subject to overdue recall fines and potential replacement charges).   Borrowers are blocked from checking out additional items when a recalled item is not returned on time. 

All library circulation notices are distributed via email. If you use an email address other than a email address, you need to forward your UConn email to your non-University email address. You may do this at: or see the UConn FAQ for more information. If you need assistance, please call the UITS Help Desk at (860) 486-help (4357).  

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Privileges are automatically suspended when a borrower:

  • Has one overdue recalled book
  • Has reached the charged item limit
  • Has an expired record
  • Has an excessive amount of outstanding unpaid library charges

A suspension is lifted when the condition causing it is rectified.



Journals do not circulate. Holds may not be placed on journals. Scanners are available for scanning and saving information from non-circulating resources.

Policy on Confidentiality of Library Patron Files

The identity of library patrons and the information contained in individual circulation system patron records, including the items checked out to patrons are confidential as mandated by State of Connecticut Public Act #76-421. Such information is maintained in library system files in order to enable Circulation Services to conduct its normal business:

  • Maintenance of information on the location/availability of library materials
  • Compilation of general usage statistics in respect to both collections and services
  • Mailing of notices, resolution of problems, collection of fines and bills for replacement
  • Determination of patron eligibility to borrow library materials

Individual patron records are accessed by name and/or a non-social security number identifier. Access to an individual’s record is available to:

  • The individual patron represented in the record
  • Library staff in the performance of their assigned responsibilities.

Access to individual records by any other party, including other library staff that have “no need to know,” other University staff, other state or federal employees, or other library patrons, is prohibited. Library staff is not authorized to provide any information concerning an individual’s use of collections or services to anyone other than the patron or to other library staff who need such information in the performance of their assigned duties. In unusual circumstances, the Head of Access and Visitor Services (or a designated staff member) may act as an intermediary between the borrower and requestor of an item. The identity of both borrower and requestor is preserved at all times. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made to the Dean of the UConn Libraries. Such requests must be in writing and must state the specific purpose for which information is being requested. Exceptions to the policy will not normally be made but may be considered in extreme circumstances. Access and Visitor Services is committed to the protection of the right to privacy of all library patrons and the prevention of harassment by other borrowers.