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Stamford Campus Library Visitors

Visitor Information & Public Use of Library Collection

We welcome the use of our collections and services. Everyone is welcome to make on-site use of the libraries; however, those who do not have a current or formal relationship with the University of Connecticut will have to abide by the library’s policies for visitors. Policies and computer use may differ at each campus so contact the regional campus library you plan on visiting.

Access to Library Resources: 

Computer stations and equipment are intended to support academic research by UConn students, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors. UConn is contractually bound to limit access to databases and e-resources to current UConn students, faculty, and staff. The use of library resources by visitors must not interfere with the needs of the UConn Community.

Regional Campus Libraries are authorized to restrict public use of computers in support of academic needs. Guest Wireless access is available to visitors with valid credentials using the UConn-Guest network. The Library also adheres to Connecticut Code – Sec. 53-21a with regard to unsupervised children. Public users are able to avail themselves of the seating area on the first floor and second floor.

The use of library equipment and study rooms is restricted to UConn students, staff, and faculty. The library staff will gladly address questions about the library, its collection, and also how to retrieve items in the stack areas.

All visitors to the Stamford Campus – Jeremy Richard Library are expected to follow guidelines for library etiquette as mentioned below:

  • General Conduct/Behavior –  Anyone running or shouting or participating in disruptive, annoying, or destructive behavior will be asked to leave the library immediately. The library staff member has the right and obligation to ask for person(s) to present identification. If an individual’s disruptive behavior does not change or the individual refuses to leave when asked by a library staff member, the Campus Police will be called immediately.
  • Guest Computer TerminalVisitors use a designated Guest computer workstation for  30 minutes per day and must sign-in at the library services desk. Use should be primarily for academic research purposes. All computer users must abide by the Use of Licensed Electronic Resources and University IT Policies. Priority for use of computers is given to UConn students, faculty, and staff.  You will be asked to leave if the library’s computer use policies are abused, this includes abusing the time limit for computer use and/or displaying images or text that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile, or offensive. The computers use is governed by the University IT Policies,  Library Policies and the  Library’s Public Workstation Policy, and the University of Connecticut’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence.
  • Printing/Photocopying Visitors  – at this time, we do not accept cash. The library no longer supports the library copy card previously used for visitors to print and photocopy. We recommend visiting the Stamford Public Library at 96 Broad Street or Minuteman Press at 513 Summer Street for printing or photocopying. Save your work to a flash drive or to your email as an attachment.
    • Scanning: – no charge for scanning with our KIC Scanners;  scan & send to email or save to flash drive.
    • Wepa Print: On-Campus Printing for Guests (Cash not accepted) 
    • The library does not handle cash for printing and photocopying.
    • The UConn library does not offer faxing services.
  • Noise & Cell Phone Use –  All patrons should respect the rights of others by keeping noise levels as low as possible. This policy applies to all open areas of the library. When you enter the library, turn off your cell phone ringer. If you need to use your cell phone, step outside the library to do so in order to not disturb students studying.
  • Food – all food is prohibited anywhere in the library. Beverages are permitted only in spill-proof cups or screw -tops bottles, but prohibited near library computers. Please use the campus concourse tables, outside the library to eat your meals before entering the library space.
  • Library Space – The Stamford Campus Library offers several spaces for individual study from either the first or second floors offering study tables, soft seating, and also a Quiet Study Room. Due to the heavy demands of the study rooms by our student population, priority is given to UConn Students only.
  • Children in the library – The library adheres to Connecticut Code-Sec.53.21a with regard to unsupervised children. A child must be under the constant supervision of a parent or designated adult custodian at all times when they are in the library; and the parent or adult custodian is responsible for their children’s behavior. Children are prohibited from using the library computers.
  • Borrowing Materials – Visitors are welcome to use print materials in-house at the library. Visitors may not directly borrow print materials unless they have signed up and completed a community borrower application for a Community Borrower Card. The community borrower card is only available to CT residents. Please visit the Community Borrower Program website for eligibility and policies.
  • Statewide Library & Information Resources researchIT|CT 
    State of Connecticut Residents (only) have online access to essential library and information resources. researchIT CT is administered by the Connecticut State Library in conjunction with your local library. Through researchIT | CT Free online Resources , a core level of information resources including secured access to licensed databases is available to every citizen in Connecticut. In addition, specialized research information is available to college students and faculty.
  • Wireless Access for Guests – Visitors, Guests, Non-UConn Affiliates and Community Borrowers if you anticipate visiting the campus and require internet access using your personal laptop or mobile device, you will need to arrive on campus with your personal device and login to the UConn-Guest Network.  
  • Reference Assistance – Visitors may seek assistance on the use of library resources at UConn, but access is limited. We encourage visitors to start with their hometown public library to ensure they have utilized their local or regional resources. UConn students, faculty and staff have priority in Reference Service and the use of all library resources, rooms and equipment.
  • Interlibrary Services – These services are limited to UConn faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. To check out materials held in UConn’s collection, CT residents may apply for a Community Borrower Card, but to request materials not held at UConn, please use your local public library’s Interlibrary loan services.
  • Visiting the UConn Stamford Campus  map, directions, event facilities, and campus tours. Contact the Stamford Campus Welcome Center desk at 203-251-8400.