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Early College Experience and other School Groups – Homer Babbidge Library

Early College Experience
UConn’s Early College Experience (ECE) program is an opportunity for Connecticut students to take UConn courses while still in high school. Early College Experience teachers who require assistance with library resources are encouraged to work first with their high school librarian, as most library research can now be conducted online.  UConn Library subject specialists are available to provide additional assistance as needed.
The Library has a guide designed to assist ECE students, library media specialists, and instructors with navigating and accessing library resources.

Other School Groups
The Homer Babbidge Library does not offer instruction sessions for non-ECE high school groups.  Non-ECE groups are welcome to visit the Homer Babbidge Library, but teachers bringing a class to the library should be prepared to instruct and guide their students while in the building. 

Visiting the Library
Any visits during UConn’s fall and spring academic terms are strongly discouraged. Recommended times for visits are during UConn’s academic recesses, summer sessions, and winter sessions, when the library’s resources are less heavily used by UConn students.