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Copyright and Teaching

Use of Copyrighted Materials for Digital Course Materials and Materials Posted on HuskyCT

You should keep copyright in mind when providing materials to students on HuskyCT or through other digital platforms. Although many times copyrighted materials used for educational purposes will fall under an exception to copyright, this is not always the case. This guide provides guidance for providing copyrighted materials digitally to students.

Use of Copyrighted Materials in Face-to-Face Teaching

You may perform or display copyrighted materials in face-to-face teaching activities in a classroom without seeking permission from the copyright holder. This exemption does not apply to online teaching or course management systems. 17 U.S.C. § 110(1).

Use of Copyrighted Materials in Distance Learning

Use of copyrighted materials in distance learning is much more limited than what is allowable during face-to-face teaching. If you would like to display images or audiovisual materials or perform dramatic or nondramatic works in a distance learning classroom, the TEACH Act of 2002, allows for this in certain circumstances. In order to display or perform works in a distance classroom, you should ensure that you meet the requirements of the TEACH Act.


A coursepack is a compilation of various reproduced copyrighted works that an instructor assembles, and that students purchase at the campus bookstore. The University of Connecticut’s Bookstore creates custom coursepacks at the instructor’s request for students to purchase and provides assistance in getting the necessary permissions to create and reproduce printed course packs for sale at the Co-op. For details and contact information, see Bookstore Coursepacks.

Using or Publishing Student Work

As authors, students may hold copyright to their own work, even if created for a course. Instructors or researchers who wish to publish student work, upload it to a web site (including HuskyCT), or make student work available as models for future classes, should respect this potential right and get permission from their students. Students who wish to use other students’ work should do also do this.