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Connecticut Digital Archive 
Search our digital archival collections and materials from other educational and cultural institutions around the state.

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Search digital collections from UConn Library and more than 40 educational and cultural institutions from around the state in the Connecticut Digital Archive.

Other Access Issues

Campus Wi-FiNetID login page

While using the wireless network on a UConn campus, you may be prompted to enter your NetID when you try to access a library research database.

This is because database providers use IP ranges to verify that users are coming from UConn. If the campus IP network is overloaded, for example, then you may be asked to verify your UConn affiliation. This is normal, though generally speaking only off-campus users are required to enter their NetID.

Fortunately, you only have to log in once during a browser session, so simply enter your NetID and password and continue your research.

Streaming Media

UConn’s Information Technology Services provides a handy, detailed guide on Common Video Playback Issues and Solutions.

  • An up-to-date version of Java should be running on your computer in order to play streaming videos or music.
  • Slow or spotty Internet connections may cause media to fail to load/play properly.


Trouble downloading or viewing a PDF? Try updating your PDF reader or using a different one:

Adobe Reader | Sumatra PDF | Foxit

Trouble printing a PDF? Update your PDF reader or simply download the PDF to your desktop and print from there.

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