Digital Commons at UConn

Digital Commons @UConn is a platform that makes discovery and access to the scholarly output of UConn students, faculty, and staff possible. Digital Commons allows readers anywhere in the world to learn about and stay current with UConn scholarship. Administered by the UConn Library, Digital Commons houses materials uploaded by UConn departments, schools, centers, and institutes. Access to these materials is free of charge.  

Green Open Access, also referred to as self-archiving, is the practice of placing a version of an author’s manuscript into a repository such as Digital Commons, making it freely accessible for everyone. The version that can be deposited is dependent on the funder or publisher. Unlike Gold Open Access, the copyright for these articles usually sits with the publisher of, or the society affiliated with, the journal or book where the work was published, and there are restrictions as to how the work can be reused. There are individual self-archiving policies by journal or publisher that determine the terms and conditions, e.g. which article version may be used and when the article can be made openly accessible in Digital Commons (also called an embargo period). A list of publishers’ self-archiving policies can be found on the SHERPA/RoMEO database.