Policy on Noise and Cell Phone Use

The University of Connecticut Libraries is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to research and study. These guidelines were developed in response to concerns from students, faculty, and visitors about the increased noise in the Libraries due to social conversation and cell phone use.

When you enter the Library, we ask that you turn off your cell phone ringer. Be considerate of those studying around you; keep all conversations with your neighbors short and your voice lowered. Lobby areas and group studies may be used for conversation and to make brief phone calls. However, if you need to have an extended phone conversation, please go to the elevator lobbies, Bookworms, or outside the library to do so. Remember to take your valuable belongings with you, should you leave your library study space, even for a short time.

If you wish to report inappropriate cell phone use or other disturbance, contact a library staff member at the nearest service desk or call the Library Security Desk at (860) 486-3099. We thank you for your cooperation in making the University of Connecticut Libraries a better place to study and conduct research.

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