Robert Walsh

Robert Walsh

Waterbury Campus Library Director

Rob Walsh is the Waterbury Campus Library Director. He never thought he would be a librarian when he grew up, but he is glad he is. At the heart of Rob’s approach is his passion for empowering students to engage critically with information. He collaborates closely with Waterbury’s faculty to integrate information literacy into the curriculum in innovative ways, so that students develop the critical sensibilities needed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Rob holds an MLS from Southern Connecticut State University and an MA in African American Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Outside of work, Rob can be found riding (and occasionally racing) bicycles, coaching kids to race bicycles, and trying to stay warm at hockey rinks across the Northeast where his kids pursue their dream of one day playing as a Husky.  


Areas of expertise

  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Popular Culture


Professional Affiliations