Assignment Calculator

The Assignment Calculator is a time management tool that outlines the process of researching and writing step by step and provides Librarian recommended links for expanded understanding of each task along the way.

Based on the original Assignment Calculator from the University of Minnesota Libraries.

According to the dates you have entered, as of 04/22/2018 you have 7 days to finish your assignment before the 04/30/2018 due date.

Quick Tip: To save the recommended steps after calculating your assignment schedule, bookmark the results page; copy and paste the URL into your research plan, assignment draft, etc.; or email the URL to yourself for later reference.

Step 1

Complete by 7 pm Sun Apr 22: Understand your assignment

Step 2

Complete by 9 am Mon Apr 23: Begin to develop your topic
What you already know
What you don't know
What you want to know

Step 3

Complete by 7 am Tue Apr 24: Search your topic by identifying books, articles, websites, and more. Begin reading your sources
From the start, keep a list of all the best items you find (articles, books, web sites, etc). The Research Log can help keep track of your sources
Use a citation manager like EasyBib, Zotero, Refworks (UConn), etc.

Step 4

Complete by 2 pm Tue Apr 24: Determine if the sources meet your requirement (remember, review your assignment)

Step 5

Complete by 4 am Wed Apr 25: Revise search strategy as needed. Re-search and continue reading and taking notes on your source material

Step 6

Complete by 12 pm Wed Apr 25: Create a working thesis or research question

Step 7

Complete by 12 am Fri Apr 27: Write a first draft

Step 9

Complete by 9 pm Fri Apr 27: Consult with the Writing Center

Step 10

Complete by 9 am Sun Apr 29: Create a revised draft

Step 11

Complete by 4 pm Sun Apr 29: Proofread carefully. Check your bibliography.

Step 12

Complete by 12 am Mon Apr 30: Submit the Assignment