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Name Loan Period Quantity
Laptop – Windows 4 hours (in-library use) Check Availability
Laptop – Mac     (Not Available) 4 hours (in-library use) Check Availability
Financial Calculators 1 day 8
Graphing and Scientific Calculators 1 day 25 (14 Graphing,  11 Scientific)
Multi-purpose Cell Phone Chargers 4 hours (in-library use) 6
Headphones 3 hours (in-library use) 10
Merge VR Goggles 3 hours (in-library use) 1
Portable DVD Player 3 hours (in-library use) 2
Samsung VR Goggles 3 hours (in-library use) 1
iPhone Phone Extensions 3 hours (in-library use) 2
USB-C Chargers 3 hours (in-library use) 2
VGA Adapters 3 hours (in-library use) 2
HDMI Cables 3 hours (in-library use) 2


These items are paid for by the University of Connecticut’s Student Technology Fee and may only be checked out to currently enrolled UConn students. All equipment loans are subject to overdue fines and replacement costs, including replacement costs for items left unattended and not returned.   

If items are not returned within the allotted time as indicated by these rules the matter will be referred to the UConn Office of Community Standards. Please refer to Student Code of Conduct Policy #14 on theft. 

Laptop Policies:

  • Laptops can only be used on campus with the UConn-Secure Wireless Network using your Student NetID/Password
  • 4 Hour Loan or shortened to close of business hours. No renewals.
  • Failure to return laptops when due may result in the suspension of laptop borrowing privileges.
  • Log off of the laptop prior to returning.
  • Return laptops to a staff member, not in the book drop.
  • Laptop configuration cannot be modified in any way by attempting to install or uninstall software, including changing settings.
  • Printers cannot be installed. Learn more about on-campus printing.
  • Laptop Overdue Fine: $1.00/hr
  • Replacement Cost: $1,500.00


Location / Quantity

Floor 1 / 32 terminals
Bloomberg Terminal – Floor 1 / 1 terminal
(other Bloomberg Terminals are located in room 3.06 and room 3.117, the BCLC area)

Floor 2 / 9 terminals

Total of 41 computers, with 12 Mac Desktops and 29 Window Desktops


Printing and Multimedia

Name Location Quantity
Wepa Print Station  Floor 1  1
Copiers Floor 1 1
Scanners Floor 1 2


Sorenson InTouch VideoPhone Screen located in the library lounge next to the Guest computer



UCONN-SECURE is a secure wireless service faculty, staff, and students may use while at any UConn campus. University issued devices are configured for UConn wireless service.

Username: UConn NetID
Password: NetID Password


UCONN-GUEST is a non-encrypted, non-secure wireless service that guests to UConn may use to access the internet. However, access to UConn resources may be restricted.

No Login Credentials Required


eduroam is a secure wireless service that UConn faculty, staff, and students as well as visitors from other institutions can use when visiting any participating institution.

Username: or
Password: NetID Password or participating institution password

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