Estelle F. Feinstein

The Jeremy Richard Library dedicates a study area on the first floor to the memory of Dr. Estelle F. Feinstein, reknowned Stamford historian and history professor at UConn from 1957-1989. Dr. Feinstein’s commemorative plaque recognizes her deep love of libraries and her valuable contribution to the history of Stamford. Among her published works are Stamford in The Gilded Age: The Political Life of a Connecticut Town, 1868-1893; Stamford from Puritan to Patriot: The Shaping of a Connecticut Community, 1641-1774; and Stamford: An Illustrated History. Prior to her death in 2002, Dr. Feinstein donated hundreds of the books from her own library to the UConn Stamford library. An annual lectureship has been named in Dr. Feinstein’s honor and has since hosted Dr. Kenneth Jackson, Professor of History and the Social Sciences, Columbia University and Dr. Nechama Tec, Professor Emerita at the University of Connecticut, Stamford Campus.

Estelle Feinstein Memorial Lectures

Books by Estelle Feinstein

  • Feinstein, Estelle F., Joyce S. Pendery and Robert Lockwood Mills. Stamford: an illustrated history. Sun Valley: American Historical Press, 2002.
  • Feinstein, Estelle F., Stamford from Puritan to Patriot : the shaping of a Connecticut community, 1641-1774. Stamford: Stamford Bicentennial Corporation, 1976.
  • Feinstein, Estelle F., Stamford in the gilded age; the political life of a Connecticut town, 1868-1893. Stamford: Stamford Historical Society, 1973.

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