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Information about the reproduction of materials in the collection is available here.

Tours, instruction and orientations

Archivists in Archives & Special Collections are available to provide tours, instruction and orientation sessions for classes on a variety of topics relevant to the materials and collections. For more information please contact us at

History Day is an annual competition that engages students in grades 6-12 in the process of researching and interpreting a historical topic of their choice related to an annual theme. Working individually or in small groups, students are encouraged to find primary and secondary resources on their subject through research in libraries and museums, interviews, and visits to historic sites. Archives & Special Collections actively engages with students and teachers to help them find and use primary sources for their projects and welcomes students working on History Day projects to visit individually or in field trips with their teachers. Students should search the digital repository for sources already available online or contact us at to inquire about sources in our collections for their projects.

Travel grants and Fellowships are available to qualified researchers to encourage the use of unique materials in the collections.

University offices interested in information about Records Management should refer to the university’s Office of Records Compliance or contact University Archivist Betsy Pittman at