Connecticut Artists Project

The CONNECTICUT ARTISTS database aims to provide information about the visual artists who have lived or worked in Connecticut from early times to the present. Such a project will always be a work in progress. Because the CONNECTICUT ARTISTS database is in an early phase, however, certain points should be kept in mind.

At present, nearly all 4000+ entries are for painters, sculptors, and printmakers, including folk artists and some amateurs. Most of these artists are no longer alive. Historic illustrators, photographers, craftspersons, and others are gradually being added. Living artists will be added in the future.

The CONNECTICUT ARTISTS database does not try to duplicate information available elsewhere, most notably in Who Was Who in American Art (3 vols.; Sound View Press, 1999; ed. Peter Hastings Falk). This preeminent biographical dictionary of American artists should always be the first resource consulted. CONNECTICUT ARTISTS attempts to augment it and other published sources with new or more detailed information, especially about an artist’s activities in this state. It also introduces some artists presently missing from other listings.

Basic CONNECTICUT ARTISTS entries include an artist’s name, gender, life dates, professional interests, and CT place(s) with which the artist is associated. Extended entries provide biographical information. Extended entries are presently few in number but are being developed continuously. Both types of entries are updated regularly.

Documentation for the CONNECTICUT ARTISTS database is in vertical files at The University of Connecticut’s Homer Babbidge Library, Storrs. While virtually nothing is yet known about many artists on the database, at least something is in these files for hundreds of others. Even when a biography is on the database, more information may be in that artist’s file.

All references to Who Was Who in American Art are abbreviated as Falk99. SSDI stands for the Social Security [Administration] Death Index.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the CONNECTICUT ARTISTS database, The University of Connecticut shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or arising out of the use of this information. If you have additional comments or questions about ConnArt or the database, please direct them to Michael Young, Art Librarian, (