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Diversity at the University of Connecticut Libraries

“The University of Connecticut Libraries is uniquely positioned to lead the University forward in its goal of creating an inclusive and diverse campus community and in promoting cultural competency.¬† Through wide-ranging print and electronic collections, staff expertise, and an ongoing quest to provide unmediated universal access to information, the University Libraries will offer a rich array of resources sensitive to and inclusive of diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and physical ability. The Libraries will anticipate and support emerging academic trends in interdisciplinary fields, as well as changes in the composition of our students, faculty, and staff and their library and information needs.
The University Libraries will strengthen programs and resources pertaining to historically underrepresented groups and will increase services and resources for international students and the growing numbers of students returning to the University after raising families, establishing career paths, or serving in the military.
As the premier provider of scholarly information on campus, the University Libraries will continually ensure that the needs of all students, faculty, staff, and public users are met through our collections, services, instruction and outreach programs.” (pg.12)

The University of Connecticut Libraries Strategic Plan, 2009 – 2014


Funding Opportunities

The Diversity Advisory Team has limited funds available with which it hopes to co-sponsor student programs and activities with the UConn Cultural Centers and Student Organizations. For funding application and guidelines, please click here.

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For diversity-related questions, concerns or comments, please contact co-chairs, Jennifer Lanzing:; and Richard Bleiler: You can also send an email to:

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