Welcome to UConn Library. Our vision is to be the knowledge and inspiration hub of UConn.

We fulfill this vision by providing inspirational spaces where creativity is encouraged in pursuit of real-world skills and meaningful relationships are developed across disciplines.

We are at the forefront of providing barrier-free open educational resources, integrated information literacy modules, and building a new model of scholarly record through fostering innovative design and a collaboration-first approach.

We steward and provide access to millions of physical and electronic resources across five campuses. We enhance discovery of collections world-wide and partner with a large network of libraries to deliver the results.

We collect, preserve, and make discoverable unique research collections. As the state’s flagship university, we are home to rich information about Connecticut business, political, and labor history. We have specialty collections in alternative press, children’s literature, human rights, railroad history, and more.

Our expert staff are leaders in their fields and employ a user-centric approach to service. We build on the inherent strength and centrality of the UConn Library to support and build upon UConn’s mission of excellence in research, education, service, and engagement.

We welcome you to UConn Library.


Holly Jeffcoat, Interim Vice Provost for UConn Library


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