Welcome to the UConn Libraries

The UConn Libraries strive to provide excellent service to our user community in everything we do. As our mission statement sets forth:

The UConn Libraries provides our users with access to intellectual content that fulfills their academic and research needs. We anticipate and respond to their desire for high quality collections and information and integrate our services into the University’s teaching, learning, research, and public engagement activities.

In fulfilling this mission, the UConn Libraries select, acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to collections in a broad range of formats; facilitate access to collections owned by other institutions; serve as a gateway and contributor to global networked information resources; provide assistance and education in information retrieval utilizing current technologies; and provide facilities conducive to learning and research.
We believe excellent service is a never-ending pursuit. As a result, we continually strive to improve the quality of our collections, services, and facilities while at the same time seeking efficiencies. We hope your experiences with the UConn Libraries, be they virtual or in-person at one of our nine physical facilities, either meets or exceeds your information needs.