Loansome Doc

If you have been searching PubMed on the Internet you can use the Loansome Doc ordering feature to order copies of articles you have found in your search.

Before you use Loansome Doc, you must set up a service agreement with the UConn Health Sciences Library. Once the service agreement is in place, you will receive instructions for completing the process with the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

To complete a Service Agreement

Please complete the UCONN Health Sciences Library Loansome Doc Registration Form. You may use the online form or the printable PDF requiring Acrobat Reader. The printable form may be sent via mail, fax or email.

Transactions will be invoiced on a monthly basis.  As of April 1, 2017, payments are accepted in the form of a personal or business CHECK ONLY.  We no longer accept credit card payments. Please call if you have any questions: Interlibrary Loan (860) 679-2940 or send e-mail to We will confirm receipt of your completed service agreement.

To Use Loansome Doc

When searching PubMed on the Internet, be sure to consult the online information for most efficient searching. To select a PubMed article, click in the box next to the citation. A check mark will appear. When your search is complete, and you have marked the items you wish to order, Click on SEND TO, and choose ORDER from the drop down box.

All articles will be delivered via email. When designating a preferred delivery method within Loansome Doc, please select email. Note that e-mail services such as Hotmail or Yahoo have mailboxes too small to receive large e-mail files. Most files can be delivered as PDFs or TIFFs.

Fill in other fields as necessary. If your maximum cost is sufficient (see our charges below) and we are unable to fill your request from our collection, we can refer your request to other medical libraries.  When you have placed your order, be sure to make a copy for your records, in case you need to communicate with us about the request. You may complete your original Loansome Doc registration, check the status of your request or change your registration information at

Loansome Doc Charges per Article

Patron Groups
Basic Fill  Referral
Health Professionals and Individuals not affiliated with UConn Health $15 $20 + any fax charge
Other Businesses $20 $25 + any fax charge

 Loansome Doc Online Service Agreement