Library Staff Directory

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Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Susan Fowler, MLIS Library Director 3323
Shelly Gioia-Morelli Executive Assistant 4500

Business Services

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Mary Petruzzi Business Services Manager 2840

User Services

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Teri Shiel, MLS, MA Head of User Services 4108
Veronica Krusz Information Desk Assistant 2739
Mike Gargula Information Desk Assistant 4287
Martha Trask, MLS Reference Librarian 2735
Emily Ziemba, MLIS Outreach Librarian 4047
Vacant Student Worker Coordinator 

Interlibrary Loan

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Annmarie Magurany, MLIS, BFA Interlibrary Loan Librarian 2311
Sharon Tyler  Interlibrary Loan Assistant 2940

Reference Services

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Hongjie Wang, MLS, MA Head of Reference Services 4053
Marissa G. Iverson, MSLIS Research Support Librarian 4052
Nicholas Sacco, MLS Clinical Services Librarian 4051
Jillian Silverberg, MSLIS, MA Instruction Librarian 4054
Vacant Data Librarian

Systems and Technology 

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Sheryl Bai, MLS Head of Systems and Technology 8371
Rich McIntyre, MSLIS, MSIS Emerging Technologies Librarian 2941
Jason Nicosia Associate Systems and Technology Administrator 2573

Acquisitions and Collections Development

Name Title Phone (860) 679- Email
Christine Richardson, MLIS Head of Acquisitions and Collections Development 2432
Desarae Cotton Acquisitions Assistant 4045