UConn Health Sciences Library Disruptive Behavior Policy

UConn Health Sciences Library Disruptive Behavior Policy*

The UConn Health Sciences library is intended to be a place where all of its users can study, do research, browse books, use computers and generally go about their business in a non-threatening environment. Patrons are expected to behave in a courteous manner, respectful of the rights of others who require a quiet environment in which to study, use computers, research and write.

We expect patrons to respect other patrons’ use of the UConn Health Sciences Library for these purposes and to respect the Library’s books, buildings, and other property. Any patron’s conduct which disrupts or interferes with other patrons’ proper use of the Library or the Library’s operations is unwelcome and prohibited.

Disruptive Behavior Policy

Users who, by their behavior, persist in harassing or annoying others and thereby disrupt their ability to concentrate on their work will be given one warning regarding the specific behavior. If the behavior continues, disruptive patrons will be asked to leave the library for a length of time to be determined by UConn Health Sciences Library Director. If upon return to the library, disruptive behavior continues, patron privileges may be revoked.

If library staff determines that the situation requires it, campus safety or police may be called.

Behavior that is considered disruptive to the normal use of the library includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Loud or boisterous behavior including loud talking, shouting, running or fighting.
  • Loud outbursts or persistent noise which is not consistent with that of an academic setting.
  • Watching movies or videos which includes the displaying of images or text that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile or offensive. Violent or sexually explicit content is not allowed.
  • Children are not permitted in the library unless accompanied by an adult, and must remain together at all times.
  • Belligerent or threatening behavior towards staff or other library users.
  • Behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for another patron to continue using the library.
  • Playing of audio equipment without headphones, including the library’s computers or playing of audio or video equipment so loudly through headphones that it disrupts other patrons. (Other patrons should not be able to hear these devices)
  • Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, or selling, using, or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs

Food & beverages are permitted in the library – on a limited and tidy basis.

Library computers are in high demand and limited in availability. Patrons are discouraged from using these limited resources for large blocks of time. Library computers are primarily intended for research and study purposes.


*Adapted from the San Juan College Library and UConn Homer Babbidge Library policies.


Last updated: 09/12/18