Library Disruptive Behavior Policy

The UConn Health Sciences Library welcomes all of our valued patrons.

We want patrons to enjoy using the library space to study, conduct research, browse books, use computers, and engage in other quiet activities.

This policy defines our expectations for patron behavior, consequences for inappropriate behavior, and includes links to related policies.


Appropriate patron behavior

Patrons should:

  • Behave courteously 
  • Respect the rights of other patrons to a quiet environment
  • Not interfere with or disrupt other patrons’ proper use of the Library
  • Respect the Library’s books, buildings, property, and staff


Inappropriate patron behavior

Disruptive or disrespectful behaviors include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Loud talking, shouting, or making other disruptive noise
  • Running or fighting
  • Hostile or threatening actions towards staff or other library users
  • Playing audio equipment without headphones/earbuds
  • Playing audio equipment with headphones/earbuds loudly enough it can be heard by others
  • Phone conversations 
  • Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, or selling, using, or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs


Consequences for inappropriate behavior

  • Patrons will receive one warning regarding behavior
  • If inappropriate behavior continues, disruptive patrons must leave the Library 
  • If upon return to the Library, disruptive behavior continues, patrons may lose their library privileges for a length of time determined by UConn Health Sciences Library Director
  • Library staff will call campus safety or police at their discretion 


Related policies


Policy last updated: 2/15/22