Reserve a Seat FAQ

What libraries can I book a seat in? 

  • Homer Babbidge Library – study spaces and computers
  • Avery Point Campus Library – study spaces and computers
  • Stamford Campus Library – computers only (including the Bloomberg terminal)
  • Waterbury Campus Library – computers only
  • Hartford has no reservations and are first-come, first-served


Do I have to make a reservation to print?

No, not in any campus library location. In Homer Babbidge there are quick printing stations in Bookworms Cafe and at the UITS Service Desk in the north entrance. If you are in the library, the printers are still available for use on Level 1.


Do I have to reserve a space in Bookworms?

No, the seating around Bookworms is available first-come, first-served during building hours.


How do I know what kind of seat it is – desk? couch? table?

Most seats have descriptions and images. Click on the blue ‘info’ box to the left of the seat name for further information when available.  


Are there any spaces for groups?

Group study rooms are not available. We have a few spaces on Level 1 in Homer Babbidge that have several seats near each other for group work. They include:
Level 1 Purple 238, 239, 240 (large table with three seats)
Level 1 Purple 241, 242, 243, 244 (large table with four seats)
Level 1 Purple 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250 (individual lounge-style chairs in a corner spot)
Level 1 Yellow 260, 261, 262, 263, 264 (individual lounge-style chairs in a corner spot)
Level 1 Pink 293, 294, 295, 296 (large table with four seats)
Level 1 Pink 316, 317 (large table with two seats)
Level 1 Pink 325, 326 (large table with two seats – white board behind it)
Level 1 Pink 327, 328 (large table with two seats)

There are also several great group study locations available in other campus buildings through Nexus.


My confirmation email has not been received, what can I do?

Please allow for additional 15 to 30 minutes to receive your confirmation email. If your reservation is for less than 30 minutes after booking and if you have the opportunity, you can take a screenshot to share for entry to claim your space.


How do I cancel my reservation?

There is a link in the bottom of your email reservation for quick cancellation. We ask you please do this so others may use the seat. 


I need to watch a DVD. Which seats have a Blue-ray DVD player in Homer Babbidge?

The seat names/numbers are Level 1 Blue 144 and Level 1 Blue 145 in Homer Babbidge. To narrow your search, select ‘seat-with power outlet – no workstation’ in the category filter.


What if my class is at noon? Can I check in early?

Unfortunately we cannot open the spaces prior to when the library is open for early check in. 


If I have online classes only can I still book a seat?

Yes, we simply ask that you follow UConn’s off-campus and commuter protocols