Archiving Services

Are you required to share and make your data publicly available? Do you know any data repositories that accept data in your discipline? Are there no data repositories in your discipline? Our Archiving services offers recommendations on an appropriate data repository for your data.

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If there is no appropriate data repository, UConn Library offers long-term preservation and access to research data. UCL Research Data Archive gives researchers at all levels the opportunity to share data outside of original collaborations and beyond the life of a research project.

Submitting data to the UCL Research Data Archive? We suggest the following language be added to the submission form or a DMP: Data produced during the project will be deposited in the UConn Library Data Archive, a digital repository service that features publicly accessible long term data storage and redundancy to comply with national and international standards for digital preservation. Other features include contingencies for disaster recovery, permanent and citable URIs, recurring appraisal cycles, and provisions for authentication, search, discovery, and access in perpetuity.

UCL Research Data Archive offers:
  • submit data from any research discipline
  • include any file format
  • have persistent identifiers for citations
  • comply with standards and requirements for managing and preserving research data
  • Storage Options

To Deposit Your Data:

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