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Interlibrary Services Guidelines & Restrictions

Course Reserve Use

Interlibrary Services ILLiad materials are for your personal use only; they are not transferable and may not be used for course Reserve or course distribution. Please follow the instructions for ordering Reserve materials on the Course Reserve page.

Communication and Notifications

You must register for your ILLiad account with your official UConn email address.  All notifications from Interlibrary Services will go to your official UConn email address.  You are responsible for checking your UConn email account for notifications about your materials. Interlibrary Services will only communicate with the patron who placed the request.

The Interlibrary Services office will never contact you asking you to “reactivate” your account; if you receive an email asking you to “reactivate” your ILLiad account, you can disregard it.  This is a phishing scam and does occur once in a while.

If you receive notification that an item you have not requested is available, please contact the office at immediately.  You will also want to change your NetID password, as this is a possible indication of fraud.

If you have questions about your borrowed materials or outstanding requests, you should never contact our lenders directly.  All communication with lenders will be handled by the Interlibrary Services office.  Please contact us at with your questions and we will be happy to help you.

Copyright and Fair Use

For copyright and fair use guidelines, please see the Copyright page.

Fines and Fees

You are responsible for the materials that you receive through Interlibrary Services and for managing your own account. If items are lost or damaged while in your possession, you will be billed through the Bursar’s Office for repair, replacement, or processing fees assessed by the lending library.

You will be sent a courtesy reminder before the item is due. If you do not return or renew your item before the due date you will receive an overdue notice. If you do not return your overdue item, you will receive a Notice of Fines and Fees. You will be charged for replacement (minimum of $95) as well as a nonrefundable $15.00 lost item processing fee. The replacement cost may be waived upon your returning the item; however, once an invoice has been paid to a lending institution, the replacement cost cannot be waived.

Payment for these fees is made through the Bursar’s Office.

Once an invoice has been paid to the lending library, your fines cannot be waived.

The Libraries respect each user’s right to privacy and confidentiality. Information about an individual’s library record is available only to that individual and to appropriate University staff.

Policy on Confidentiality of Library Client Records

The Library’s Policy on Confidentiality of Library Client Records can be found here.

Service Requirements

Interlibrary Services are offered to UConn faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students to support academic research, learning, and professional development. Please use discretion when placing requests. While this service is offered at no cost to you, each request comes at a cost to the University.

To utilize Interlibrary Services, you are required to have a valid UConn NetID, a valid UConn email address, and an active, unblocked library account. To determine whether you have an active, unblocked, library account, you may contact your regional campus library or the Babbidge Library iDesk at 860.486.2518.

UConn Law and UConn Health

Affiliates at the UConn Law School or UConn Health are requested to use Interlibrary Services at those institutions:

Visiting Scholars

If you are a visiting scholar, you may use ILLiad if you have a current, unblocked library account, a current UConn NetID, and a valid UConn email address.  To determine your eligibility, please visit your UConn library or contact the Babbidge iDesk at 860.486.2518. If you do not have a current UConn NetID and UConn email address, please refer to your sponsoring department for assistance.