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Interlibrary Services FAQ

COVID-19 has significantly impacted Interlibrary Services. 

    The Interlibrary Services FAQ has been updated to reflect operations under the COVID-19 closures.

    Interlibrary Services is committed to providing you excellent service and strives to expedite each request using the most efficient method available.

    Our membership in a variety of consortia supports our mission. These consortia include, but are not limited to, the Boston Library Consortium; Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST); the Connecticut Library Consortium; the IDS Project; the Center for Research Libraries; the Global Sharing Program; the Latin American Research Resources Project; and RapidILL.

      What is Interlibrary Services?

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, Interlibrary Services continues to benefit from a worldwide cooperative effort that allows UConn students, faculty, and staff to obtain PDFs of materials (such as e-books, papers, proceedings,  articles, and chapters) from other libraries and institutions. We adhere to the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States as well as to consortia and regional agreements; we adhere to copyright and fair use guidelines. ILLiad is the system you will use to place requests for e-resources not owned by UConn and manage your account.

      Who can use Interlibrary Services?
      UConn faculty, staff, currently registered students, and sponsored visiting scholars are eligible to place requests via ILLiad.

      If you are a visiting scholar, you may use ILLiad if you have a current, unblocked record in the UConn Library system, a current UConn NetID, and a valid UConn email address. To determine your eligibility, please contact the UConn Library at If you do not have a current UConn NetID and UConn email address, please refer to your sponsoring department for assistance.

      What do I need in order to use Interlibrary Services?
      To use Interlibrary Services and ILLiad, you are required to have a valid UConn NetID, a valid UConn email address, and an active, unblocked library account. To determine your eligibility, please contact the UConn Library at All communications from the Interlibrary Services office will use your UConn email address; other email addresses are not supported.

      Is there a charge to use the service?
      Interlibrary Services are offered to UConn faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students to support academic research, learning, and professional development. While this service is offered at no cost to you, each request comes at a cost to the University. Please use discretion when placing requests. 

      What happens if I have overdue, lost, or damaged ILLiad materials?
      During the COVID-19 crisis all fines and fees are waived. Please do not return any physical materials you may currently have in your possession at this time. When the University reopens we will contact you directly to work with you on getting those items back to us. 

      What is the best way to contact the Interlibrary Services office?
      The fastest and best way to contact us is by emailing our department at If you want to inquire about an email we sent you, simply reply back to that email, including the original email in the message.

      What should I do first?
      Before you place any requests, complete your profile in our interlibrary loan system, ILLiad. [Illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to create an ILLiad account.]

      How do I see my previous requests?
      To help ensure your privacy, the system will only retain a limited number of your recent requests. You can access these requests through your ILLiad account. Use the search bar to search for particular keywords in that request.

      To view your past requests,

      1. Log into your ILLiad account [Illustrated step-by-step instructions on accessing your ILLiad account.]
      2. Choose All Requests under ILLiad Requests from the left-hand menu:

      Menu of your request history

      To search your past requests:

      1. Log into your ILLiad account 
      2. Enter your keyword into the search box on the top right-hand side of the screen

      ILLiad Search Box


      I need it FAST! What should I do?
      Most PDF requests will arrive in less than one day. However, many of our library partners all over the world have experienced closures, and some of these libraries are providing e-resources only. We will do our best to obtain your needed item in the fastest manner possible. It will help us if you make sure that your citation is complete and ensure that the ISSN/ISBN field in the ILLiad form is filled in. 

      How do I request an article or chapter?

      You can request articles and chapters from UConn’s print collection and other libraries’ collections in a few ways, depending on where you find your citation. Always sign in to your UConn Library account first. To ensure a thorough search for information, we recommend you start your search for articles in subject databases.

      To request an item, simply choose “Request a PDF,” or choose “UCONN Full Text.” You may also enter the information manually into the “Article” or “Book Chapter” forms in your ILLiad account. Please provide complete citation information to prevent any delays.

      When your article or chapter becomes available, you will receive an email notification. Log in to ILLiad to retrieve your item (PDF). It will remain accessible for 30 days. Please note that incomplete citations will cause a delay in the processing of your request and may prevent us from getting your item.

      How can I borrow a book, DVD, VHS, CD, music score, or other material?

      During the COVID-19 closure, we are unable to obtain physical requests from UConn’s collection or from other libraries.

      You can borrow e-books from Connecticut public libraries with RBDigital. Create an account at​ and use the special access code ctstatelib20. Alternatively, you can pursue an e-book via Interlibrary Services.

      To pursue obtaining an e-book, follow the directions for print books but look for the e-book record if there is one. Not every print book has an e-book version. While it is still difficult and rare to obtain e-books through Interlibrary Services, a few libraries (like ours) are beginning to provide them.

      Search for and request your item in UConn WorldCat.  WorldCat is a catalog of 1.5 billion items held at more than 10,000 libraries. Use WorldCat for items held at other institutions worldwide.

      Find the item you want and choose “Request Item” under “Libraries Worldwide”:

      Request Item


      How long does it take to get something?
      Most PDFs arrive in less than one day.

      Is there a limit to how many things I can request?
      There are no limits to requests; however, Interlibrary Services staff reserve the right to limit how many requests are processed per day per user during busy periods. When the number of requests from a single person might adversely affect the service to others, staff reserves the right to establish priorities of service. Large numbers of requests may be processed over several days. We ask that you be mindful about placing requests; every request you make comes at a cost to the University.

      Are there materials that aren’t available through Interlibrary Services?
      During the COVID-19 closure, we are unable to obtain any physical materials. We are only able to obtain PDFs at this time. Additionally, materials that are generally not available through this service include:

      • Reference materials
      • Unpublished manuscripts
      • Rare, older, or fragile materials
      • Entire issues or volumes of journals
      • Educational kits
      • Psychological tests
      • Genealogical materials

      You can borrow e-books from Connecticut public libraries with RBDigital. Create an account at​ and use the special access code ctstatelib20.

      Some materials are difficult to obtain; obtaining something once does not necessarily mean that you will be able to obtain it again.

      How will I know when my requested item has arrived?
      You will receive an email notification to your official UConn email address when your item is ready to view.

      How do I cancel an interlibrary loan ILLiad request?
      To cancel a request in ILLiad, please contact us with the item information, including the title and the ILLiad transaction number (TN).

      How do I track an interlibrary loan (ILLiad) request?
      Track your interlibrary loan (ILLiad) requests by logging in to your ILLiad account. Your pending requests will be listed in the top Pending Requests box. 

      If you have requested an item and it is not on the list, contact us with the item information, and we will investigate.

      What does it mean to “clone” an ILLiad request?
      Cloning a request initiates a new request for the item. When you click on “clone request” it will bring up the request form and allow you to edit the request if needed. Then, click “Submit Request.” 

      Where can I return my materials?
      During the COVID-19 closure, please do not return your materials. Fines and fees are waived and you will not be charged. When the Library reopens, we will contact you directly to advise you on next steps.

      Can I check out materials in person at other libraries?
      Other libraries are closed at this time. This option will be offered again after the COVID-19 crisis is over.