Future of Journals

Collections at UConn Library: Responsive. Relevant. Sustainable.

The UConn Library is committed to supporting the academic and scholarly success of our community. As stewards of the world of information, our goal is to strike a balance between providing relevant resources to meet the increasingly diverse research and teaching needs at UConn while staying within our budget.

The ability of the UConn Library to meet our community’s rapidly evolving information needs is challenged when we must pay for expensive “Big Deal” journal packages and annual cost increases must be managed with flat or reduced library budgets. These costly subscriptions bundle in resources that the UConn community does not need but which publishers impose on us. This unsustainable combination of mounting costs and shrinking budgets is leading many research libraries to shift from traditional collection development practices to a more sustainable approach for providing access to scholarship. As a national leader among public research universities, we join other libraries across higher education such as UVA and Purdue in rethinking approaches to manage the challenges of the traditional journal publishing system in order to make scholarship more open, affordable, transparent, and sustainable.

One way we are committed to supporting sustainable scholarship is to explore and implement alternative means of accessing scholarly information. Seeking out alternative methods moves the focus away from acquiring resources just in case. Instead, we can provide access at the point of need. Changing the model of how we provide access to scholarship positions the Library to use our scarce resources to better serve our entire community. It enables us to build collections that more accurately reflect the needs of our faculty and students instead of paying for bundled resources imposed on UConn Library by publishers.

We will continue to work with the Provost’s Future of Journal Subscriptions Committee and our colleagues in the field of librarianship to achieve our goals to connect with our community of learners, shape the sustainable scholarship landscape, and improve access for everyone.