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Homer Babbidge Library Technology Services

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Name Loan Period Quantity
Mac Laptop 4 hours or shortened to close of business hours (no renewals) 40
Windows Laptop 4 hours or shortened to close of business hours (no renewals) 5
Camcorder 2 days (no renewals) 1
Digital Camera 2 days (no renewals) 2
Headphones 3 hours (no renewals) 10
Portable DVD Player 4 hours or shortened to close of business hours (no renewals) 2
Voice Recorder 2 days (no renewals) 1

IMPORTANT: These items are paid for by the University of Connecticut’s Student Technology Fee, and may only be checked out to UConn students. All equipment loans are subject to overdue fines and replacement costs. Borrowers are subject to fines and replacement costs for items left unattended in the library (or outside it), which are then not returned. Failure to return library equipment on time may result in the suspension of equipment borrowing privileges.


Name Location
Windows+Mac Workstations Bookworms, Plaza, Levels B and Level 1

UConn AnyWare

You can access software remotely through either Apps or Desktop.  With AnyWare Apps, you select only the applications you wish to use.  With AnyWare Desktop (formerly Skybox) you connect to a virtual desktop that includes all the available software.

Among University Licensed software available:

  • ANSYS, Mathematical Computing 
  • AutoCAD for Education, 3D Design & Drafting
  • ESRI, Mapping
  • Maple, Math
  • MatLab, Mathematical Computing
  • Microsoft, Office & Windows (students)
  • SAS, Advanced Analytics
  • SPSS, Statistics

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Printing and Multimedia

Name Location Quantity
HuskyPrint Bookworms, Levels B and 1 5 B/W, 1 Color
3D Printing/Maker Studio Level 1 5
Copiers Plaza 1
Scanners Plaza, Levels 2,3,4 4



UCONN-SECURE is a secure wireless service faculty, staff, and students may use while at any UConn campus. University issued devices are configured for UConn wireless service.

Username: UConn NetID
Password: NetID Password


UCONN-GUEST is a non-encrypted, non-secure wireless service that guests to UConn may use to access the internet. However, access to UConn resources may be restricted.

No Login Credentials Required


eduroam is a secure wireless service that UConn faculty, staff, and students as well as visitors from other institutions can use when visiting any participating institution.

Username: or
Password: NetID Password or participating institution password

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