AV Equipment

Available Equipment

Laptop – No fee

LCD projector – $10/day

Overhead projector – $7/day

Overhead screen – $7/day

Slide projector – $7/day

Toshiba LCD TV – $10/day



UConn Health faculty, staff and students; UConn faculty providing classroom instruction at UConn Health. 


Fees are charged on a per day basis until the equipment is returned. The first fee day starts when the equipment is loaned. The second and subsequent fee days start two hours after the library opens on each successive day. 

UConn Health students are not charged for equipment loaned in conjunction with their curricular program.


UConn Health faculty and staff may pay fees using current FOAPAL account coding. UConn faculty may make payment through a state transfer invoice or FOAPAL account coding, if appropriate. 

Hours available 

The AV Loan pool equipment is available for loan during regularly scheduled library hours.


Reservations may be made for future use of equipment by calling the Information Desk at (860) 679-3808 or by email.