Lost and Found

Lost and Found Policy

The UConn Health Sciences Library is not liable for the security of any items that are brought into the library. Items that are unclaimed are subject to the following policy guidelines:

  • If the owner of a lost and found item satisfactorily proves ownership, the item(s) will be returned.
  • Perishable items, including food and drink, will be discarded immediately.
  • Unclaimed books or miscellaneous papers will be dated and kept at the Information Desk for (1) week.
  • Phones, wallets, laptops, passports, driver’s licences, k​eys and unclaimed money will be held at the Information Desk until library closing when it will be turned into Lost & Found at The Office of Patient Experience, Connecticut Tower, Room H7024 (Phone: 860-679-4836). 
  • Unclaimed clothing, including jackets, scarves and gloves will be kept at the Information Desk for (1) week. After this period of time, the clothing will be discarded or donated.
  • If an item is not claimed within (1) week and after library staff have made a reasonable attempt to contact the owner, the item will either be discarded, made available for other patrons to take from a cart of free items, or added to the library collection.


Last updated: 06/24/19