General Pamphlet Collection

Title Author Publisher Location Date Keyword
Notes on early autopsies and anatomical lectures Matthews, Albert Publications of the Colonial Society of MA 1917 18th century medicine
A dissertation on the natural history and medicinal effects of the Secale cornutu, or ergot Prescott, Oliver Cummings and Hilliard Boston 1813 19th century medicine
Catalogue of a cabinet of materia medica, collected and arranged by J. Smyth Rogers, M.D. Lecturer on the Materia Medica, &c. &c. Rogers, J. Smyth T and J. Swords – printer New York 1826 19th century medicine
The Philadelphia Monthly Journal of Medicine & Surgery Smith, N.R. ed. R.H. Small Philadelphia 1827 19th century medicine
Mémoire sur l’oesophagotomie. Bégin, L.J. J.B. Bailli ére Paris 1833 19th century medicine
Letter to Dr. A. Brigham, on animal magnetism: being an account of a remarkable interview between the author and Miss. Loraina Brackett while in a state of somnambulism Stone, William L. George Dearborn & Co. New York 1837 19th century medicine
Practical instruction in animal magnetism Deleuze, J.P.F. B. Cranston & Co. Providence 1837 19th century medicine
Examen de la phrénologie Flourens, P. Paulin Paris 1842 19th century medicine
Practical observations on the inhalation of various vapors and powders in diseases of the air tubes and lungs. Cornell, Wm. M. Crosby & Nichols Boston 1850 19th century medicine
Prize essay. Rational therapeutics; or the comparative value of different curative means and the principles of their application. Hooker, Worthington John Wilson and Son, printers Boston 1857 19th century medicine
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Boston 1869 19th century medicine
The physician’s monitor for 1870 American Medical Assn. W.A. Townsend & Adams New York 1870 19th century medicine
Report of cases treated by electricity, being a reprint from the transactions of the medical and chirurgical faculty of the state of Maryland, at its seventy-fourth annual session, held at Baltimore, MD., April 1873; and addenda: electro-medicine and electro-surgery Caldwell, John J. Medical and chirurgical faculty of the state of Maryland Baltimore 1873 19th century medicine
Vaccination Lindsley, C.A. Case, Lockwood & Brainard, Printers Hartford 1882 19th century medicine
A Yankee doctor in England in 1859 Montagu, M.F. Ashley and W.J. Musick Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1943 19th century medicine
A short account of the life and death of Mrs. Rhoda Smith, late consort of Mr. Eber Smith, of the town of Bristol, in Connecticut Ostrander, Daniel Lincoln & Gleason – printers Hartford 1806 Biography
An eulogium on Nathan Smith, M.D., late professor of the theory and practice of physic and surgery, in the medical institution of Yale College; pronounced at his funeral Knight, J. Hezekiah Howe – printer New Haven 1829 Biography
Biographical sketch of doctor Jonathan Potts, director general of the hospitals of the northern and middle departments in the war of the revolution, with extracts from his correspondence Neill, Edward D. Rev. New England Historic and General Register Albany, NY 1863 Biography
Journal of Dr. Elias Cornelius. A revolutionary surgeon. Graphic description of his sufferings while a prisoner in provost jail, New York, 1777 and 1778, with biographical sketch. Sherman, Chester T. Judge Charles M. Tompkins and Chester T. Sherman Washington 1903 Biography
Dissertation on the best mode of increasing and propagating medical knowledge in the state of Connecticut anon. manuscript unpublished 1795 CT medicine
An examination of the strictures in the New-England Journal for October 1823 and in the North-American Review for October 1823 on Essays on Fevers, &c. Miner, Thomas and William Tully E.&H. Clark Middletown, CT 1823 CT medicine
Examination of the strictures in the New-England Journal for October, 1823, and in the North-American Review for October, 1823, on Essays on Fevers, &c. Miner, Thomas; Tully, William E. & H. Clark, printers Middletown, CT 1823 CT medicine
Address to the Connecticut Medical Convention at its session at Hartford, May 11th, 1853. Blakeman, Rufus Case, Tiffany and Co., printers Hartford 1853 CT medicine
Medical advice, or a book for you, on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of chronic (or long-standing) diseases. Farrar, I. H.S. Jenison Hartford 1874 CT medicine
Sketches of physicians in Hartford in 1820 and reminiscences by George Sumner, M.D. and in 1837 by Gurdon W. Russell, M.D.; being papers read before the Hartford Medical Society January 1, 1848 and March 5, 1888; published by permission of the Society. Sumner, George and Gurdon W. Russell Hartford Medical Society Hartford 1890 CT medicine
Medical legislation of the physicians of Connecticut. Mailhouse, Max New Haven County Medical Society New Haven 1890 CT medicine
Early Medical Practice in Hartford County Weld, Stanley B. CT State Medical Journal Hartford 1941 CT medicine
Physician’s Handbook CT Dept. of Health CT Dept. of Health Hartford 1957 CT medicine
Bright’s disease without urinary symptoms Knight, Wm. W. CT Medical Society Bridgeport 1889 Disease – bright’s disease
Report of the committee of the K.A. Society appointed for the purpose of preparing an account of the mode of treatment of epidemic cholera K.A. Society New York 1832 Disease – cholera
Diabetes mellitus, a method of dietetic management and the use of insulin Eli Lilly Eli Lilly and Co. Indianapolis, IN ©1932 Disease – diabetes
Diseases of the esophagus Vinson, Porter P. Charles C. Thomas Springfield, IL 1947 Disease – esophagus
A treatise on the scarlatina anginosa and dysentery; and sketches on febrile spasm, as produced by plogiston Allen, Israel Robert B. Thomas and the author Leominster, MA 1796 Disease – fever
Inaugural Dissertation on the disease termed petechial, or spotted fever. Submitte to the examining committee of the Medical Society of Connecticut for the county of Hartford Strong, Nathan Peter B. Gleason Hartford 1810 Disease – fever
Typhus syncopalis, sinking typhus, or the spotted-fever of New-England, as it appeared in the epidemic of 1823 in Middletown, Connecticut. Miner, Thomas Miner, Thomas Middletown, CT 1825 Disease – fever
Dissertation. Observations on typhous fever. Sill, Theodore Case, Tiffany and Burnham Hartford 1846 Disease – fever
Concise history of the febrile diseases which occurred in the practice of the late Elijah F. Reed, M.D. between the years 1789 and 1837. Read at a meeting of the "Hopkins Medical Association," February, 1837 Reed, Elijah F. Case, Tiffany & Co. – printers Hartford 1848 Disease – fever
Reduction of Temperature by Cold Baths Hun, Henry Medical Annals Albany, NY 1885 Disease – fever
A case not wholly hypothetical, read at the forty-third annual meeting of the association of medical superintendents of American institutions for the insane, at Newport, RI, June 1889. Stearns, H.P. American Journal of Insanity 1889 Disease – mental illness
The pathology of perityphlitis Knight, Wm. W. CT Medical Society Hartford 1890 Disease – perityphlitis
New information for Physicians on the Salk Poliomyelitis Vaccine Riper, Hart E. ed. National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis New York 1956 Disease – polio
A sermon preached before His Grace John Duke of Marlborough, president, the vice-presidents and governors of the hospital for the small-pox and for inoculation, at the parish-church of St. Andrew Holborn on Thursday, March 5, 1752 Worcester, Isaac Hospital for the Small-Pox and for Inoculation London, Boston 1752 Disease – small pox
Dr. John Williams’ last legacy, or the useful family herbal Williams, John John Williams 1827 Home medicine
The family doctor, or guide to health: containing a brief description of the general causes, symptoms, and cure of diseases; with an appendix, showing the medical properties of many useful roots and herbs, together with 100 valuable recipes Skinner, H.B. J.K. Wellman New York 1844 Home medicine
The doctor at home. Illustrated. Treating the diseases of man and the horse. Kendall, B.J. Kendall & Co. Enosburgh Falls, VT 1887 Home medicine
Hand book of first aid. 3rd revised ed. Kilmer, F.B. ed. Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, NJ ca 1911 Home medicine
The treatment due from the medical profession to physicians who become hom œ opathic practitioners Hooker, Worthington CT Medical Society Norwich 1852 Homeopathy
Year book of the Charter Oak Private Hospital, 1907-1911 Case, Lockwood & Brainard, Printers Hartford 1911 Institution – Charter Oak Private Hospital
Report of the Charter Oak Private Hospital, Jan 1, 1914 – Jan 1, 1915 1915 Institution – Charter Oak Private Hospital
Letter to the members of the Connecticut Medical Society Rodman, W.W. CT Medical Society Waterbury 1851 Institution – CT Medical Society
Addresses delivered on the occasion of the dedication of the Hartford Hospital, in Hartford Conn., on the 18th of April, 1859. Case, Lockwood and Co. Hartford 1859 Institution – Hartford Hospital
Semi-centennial history of the Gen’l Hospital Society of Connecticut, with a history of the Hartford Hospital Jewett, P.A. CT Medical Society New Haven 1876 Institution – Hartford Hospital
Society for the relief of the insane. The institution located at Hartford, in Connecticut. Annual meeting at Hartford, 2d. Wednesday of May. W. Hudson and L. Skinner, printers Hartford 1823 Institution – Retreat for the Insane
The design and tendency of Christianity fo diminish the miseries and increase the happiness of mankind. An address delivered at the Retreat for the Insane, in Hartford, at the dedication of that institution to the blessing of almighty God, and to the purposes for which it was established, April 1, 1824. Robbins, Thomas Goodwin & co., printers Hartford 1824 Institution – Retreat for the Insane
Semi-centennial anniversary of the Retreat for the Insane at Hartford, Conn., January 7th, 1873. Remarks by William R. Cone, Esq. Vice-president, and historical address by Dr. Gurdon W. Russell, Director, together with extracts from the yearly report of 1870 by Dr. John s. Butler, superintendent during nearly thirty years. Arranged by H.P. Stearns, M.D., Superintendent. Retreat for the Insane Hartford 1876 Institution – Retreat for the Insane
List of the members of the Royal College of Surgeons in London Carpenter and Son, printers London 1823 Institution – Royal College of Surgeons
On medical examinations for life insurance [Cover title: Surgeons manual; Travelers Insurance Co. of Hartford} Stearns, H.P. Wm.C. Hutchings, printer Hartford 1868 Institution – Travelers Insurance
Principles of medical ethics of the American Medical Association American Medical Assn. American Medical Association Press Chicago 1912 Medical ethics
Max Br ödel, 1870-1941, director of the first department of art as applied to medicine in the world Cullen, Thomas S. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 1945 Medical illustration
The medical libraries of Boston; a report Chadwick, James R. Boston Medical Library Association Cambridge, MA 1876 Medical libraries
Dedication of the new building and hall of the Boston Medical Library Association, 19 Boylston Place, December 3, 1878 Boston Medical Library Association Cambridge, MA 1881 Medical libraries
Post mortem examinations made at Knight U.S.A. Gen. Hospital Minor, W.C. Knight Hospital New Haven 1864 Military medicine
A sketch of the history, plan of organization, and operations of the U.S. Sanitary Commission. Steiner, Lewis, H. Jas. B. Rodgers, printer Philadelphia 1866 Military medicine
United States naval medical bulletin for the information of the medical department of the service, limited to professional matters as observed by medical officers at stations and on board ships in every part of the world, and pertaining to the physical welfare of the naval personnel. GPO Washington 1908 Military medicine
Universal Magazine v. 66, no. 459 1780 Non-medical
The Town and Country Magazine; of universal repository of knowledge, instruction and entertainment for August, 1782. A. Hamilton London 1782 Non-medical
An address to the citizens of Hartford on the birth-day of Linnaeus: May 24th, 1836. In behalf of the objects of the Natural History Society; formed October 8, 1835. Jarvis, Samuel Farmar Case, Tiffany and Co., printers Hartford 1836 Non-medical
Diet for the sick. Notes: medical and culinary Holland, J.W. John P. Morton & Co. Louisville 1880 Nutrition
Dietary uses of the banana in health and disease Bogert, L. Jean United Fruit Company North River, NY 1935 Nutrition
An explanation of Jones’ remedy for humors. Leprosy, (white scurf) salt-rheum, erysipelas, tetter, prairie itch (of the West) and all cutaneous diseases can be cured by this medicine – operating as a purifier of the blood, as the within testimonials will very evidently show Jones Jones Claremont, NH 1842 Patent medicine
Dr. Elisha Perkins of Plainfield, Conn., and his metallic tractors Steiner, Walter R. Society of Medical History of Chicago Chicago 1923 Patent medicine
Directions for taking and using the true and genuine British Oil, faithfully prepared at the wholesale warehouse in London. Where are sold the original and true Dr. Bateman’s Pectoral Drops, Daffy’s Bostock’s, Radcliffe’s, Stoughton’s and Bateman’s elixirs; Bateman’s Golden and Plain Spirits of Scurvy Grass; Richt, French, Hungary Water, &c. anon. ca. 1750 Patent medicine
The history of a grub, or, the impostor detected. To which is added, a full and comprehensive Refutation of the several malevolent Charges contained against the Patent Jesuits’ Drops, and specific purging remedy, in a late publication, entitled "A new Treatise on the Venereal Disease." In the Course of which the villainous Principles, and dangerous Tendency of that Pamphlet are properly set forth, from a sincere and real Regard for the Health and Preservation of Mankind. Wessels, Joseph Joseph Wessels London late 18th century Patent medicine
From age to age. A centennial poem read at the centennary meeting of the Hartford County Medical Society. Mayer, Nathan Case, Lockwood & Brainard, Printers Hartford 1892 Poem
Deus Medici Wells, E.A. CT State Medical Society Hartford 1924 Poem
The country doctor: the annual address delivered before the Connecticut Medical Society, at Hartford, May 24, 1883. Brownson, W.G. Gould & Stiles, printers Bridgeport [1883] Poem
Family Health Protector, revealing exposure of the medical racket and the medical trust, in 52 articles Dinshah, P. Ghadiali Dinshah Spectro-Chrome Institute Malaga, NJ 1943 Propaganda
The mosquito problem of Connecticut and how to solve it. Britton, W.E. PhD CT State Board of Health Hartford? 1915 Public health
Bureau of social hygiene [collection of pamphlets] Bureau of Social Hygiene New York ca 1941 Public health
Immanuel, an examination of the two natures of Christ in their relations to physiology and revelation Ellsworth, P.W. Office of the Religious Herald Hartford 1860 Religion
Remarks on the advantages of Dr. Jarvis’s surgical adjuster in the treatment of fractures and dislocations Meakim, John Meakim, John – agent New York 1844 Surgery
Jarvis’s lectures on fractures and dislocations, together with concise instructions in the use of the adjuster Jarvis, George O. Charles H. Pelton – printer Middletown, CT 1846 Surgery
Treatise on dislocations of the shoulder by George O. Jarvis, M.D. author of lectures on fractures and disolcations, &c. &c. together with important cases illustrating the benefits of the adjuster Jarvis, George O. George Kellogg Derby, CT 1848 Surgery
Address occasioned by the death of Nathan Smith, M.D., first lecturer in the medical school of Maine at Bowdoin College, delivered by appointment of the faculty of medicine, March 26, 1829 Allen, William, D.D. president of Bowdoin College Bowdoin College Brunswick, ME 1829 Tribute
Memorial of Prof. Charles Hooker, M.D. The inaugural address of Leonard J. Sanford, M.D., as professor of anatomy and physiology in Yale College. Delivered, September 17th, 1863. 2nd ed. Sanford, Leonard J. Thomas H. Pease, printer New Haven 1863 Tribute
The beloved physician. A discourse, delivered in First Church in New Haven, at the internment of Jonathan Knight, M.D., late professor of surgery in Yale College. Bacon, Leonard Thomas J. Stafford, printer New Haven 1864 Tribute
Memoriam of a medical pioneer [Dr. John B. Lewis of Travelers Insurance Co., Hartford] Crothers, T.D. American Medicine , New Series 1914 Tribute
Mason Fitch Cogswell Lampson, Edward R. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine New Haven 1930 Tribute
Portrait bust of Harvey Cushing; ceremonies at the unveiling Yale University School of Medicine New Haven 1949 Tribute
Address of the National Medical Convention, assembled in Philadelphia in May 1847, to the Governments of the Several States of the Union, Recommending the adoption of a General Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths. To which is appended a report on the "nomenclature of diseases adapted to the United States, having reference to a general registration of deaths." J.&H.G. Langley New York 1848 Vital statistics