Bound Manuscripts

Creator Title Date Keyword Additional description
Cheyne, George An essay of the true nature and due method of treating the gout, written for the use of Richard Tennison, Esq; together with an account of the nature and quality of bath-waters, the manner of using them, and the diseases in which they are proper: as also of the nature and cure of most chronical distempers, not publish’d before. 1722 18th century medicine Published work bound with manuscript material. Heavily annotated; includes extensive handwritten correspondence, some by the author. Provenance letter inside front cover.
Peters, John S. John Samuel Peters’ Book of Receipts 1802 18th century medicine Contains index.
Taylor, William William Taylor journal for the year 1799 beginning the 1st of August. 1799-1805 19th century medicine First of 3 volumes: William Taylor was a farmer in Barkhamsted, CT, who writes graphically of Epidemic Spotted Fever in Connecticut – especially entries of 1807.
Taylor, William A journal beginning September 13th, 1807. 1807-1812 19th century medicine Second of three volumes.
Taylor, William Providence, April 16, 1827 1821-1830 19th century medicine Includes a letter: "Dear Brother & Sister" Brown University, Providence, May 30, 1816, pasted into front. [v.3]
Norton, George[?] Tully’s Classification of Fevers 1829[?] 19th century medicine
Beresford, James B. James. B. Beresford; Officer of health 1831-1833 19th century medicine Numbered entries. Mostly visits to ships in dock.
Hine, Samuel Account book 1832-1876 19th century medicine
Enos, Dewitt C. Case book 1851-1864 19th century medicine
Root, Joseph Edward [Notebook on materia medica] 1879-1883 19th century medicine Irregular pagination. Contains index.
[no attribution] Prescriptions: J.Y., M.D. 1881-1883 19th century medicine Writings in French and English; Recipes, notes
Stuart, Mrs. C.B. [Latin medical pharmacopea] undated 19th century medicine Index inside front cover.
White, Orin C. Materia Medica; Preliminary Observations by Eli Ives, M.D. undated 19th century medicine Contains index.
Root, Joseph Edward An inaugural thesis on epilepsy. Submitted to the trustees and faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department of Columbia College. Alonzo Clark, M.D., President. For the Degree of Doctor in Medicine. 1883 Disease – epilepsy Tipped into front: "Read before the city Medical Society, Dec. 20, 1886, well received."
[no attribution] A new family receipt book; containing all the truly valuable receipts for various branches of cookery; selected from the best authorities. To which is added a number of valuable receipts for brewing, and several for removing spots and stains from silk, linen, and woollen cloths. 1827 Home medicine Manuscript includes recipes for cakes, wine, remedies, and dyes. Ezra Strong, bookbinder, Hartford
Deming, William [Notes from books on homeopathy] 1850 Homeopathy
Deming, William Homoeopathic remembrancer 1851 Homeopathy Alphabetical entries.
Kilbourn, Joseph A. [Notes on homeopathy] 1895 Homeopathy
Thomson, Charles S. Lectures delivered by Nathan Smith, M.C.S.M.S. Lond., Prof. of the theory and Practice of Physic, Surgery, and Obstst. In Yale College, New Haven, Conn. 1820 Lecture notes
Holmes, Henry Diseases of children; from the lectures of Professor Ives of the Med. Institution Yale College 1822 Lecture notes
Case, J. Notes taken from the lectures of Nathan Smith M.D.G.S. 1824 Lecture notes Lectures given in New Haven. Contains index.
Fuller, Horace S. Lectures by Professor Clark 1863 Lecture notes College of Physicians and Surgeons, NYC. [v.1]
Fuller, Horace S. Notes of Lectures by Professor Clark 1864 Lecture notes
Root, Joseph Edward [Notebook on the practice of medicine. Taken from lectures by Professor Francis Delafield] 1882 Lecture notes
[no attribution] Nosological arrangement of diseases by Nathan Smith 1819-1820 Lecture notes Notes from lectures. Author is unidentified. Contains index.
Russell, Gurdon W. Misc. notes on the lectures of Drs. Hubbard, Ives and Tully 1835-1836 Lecture notes Acc.# 21462. Notes taken at the Medical College [Yale], New Haven on surgery; diseases of children and the practice of physic; materia medica and therapeutics.
Russell, Gurdon W. Lectures of Dr. Tully on Materia Medica and Therapeutics 1836-1837 Lecture notes Contains index.
Thayer, Augustus D. [Notes on chemistry and pharmacy; materia medica and therapeutics; theory and practice: Brunswick, ME] 1862-1863 Lecture notes Notes on chemistry and pharmacy; materia medica and therapeutics; theory and practice: Brunswick, ME
Almy, Leonard B. Notes on obstetrics from lectures by T. Gaillard Thomas, M.D. of College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York. ca. 1875 Lecture notes Hand-drawn illustrations accompany notes. List of contents in back.
[no attribution] Notes on Pathology and Therapeutics; from the lectures of Benjamin Rush M.D., Professor of the Institues and Practice of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. undated Lecture notes
Knight Hospital Knight Hospital Record 1864-1865 Military medicine Bound newsletters. Contain lists of soldiers returned to duty, deaths, poems by patients; national news, advertising.
[no attribution] Record of deaths in Hartford 1846-1851 Public health Lists "Name; Age; Married or single; White or Colored; Street & Number; Disease; Regular or irregular; Remarks."