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Statistical Data Information System (SDIS)

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Available Reports

The reports within the SDIS will continue to grow as we work our way through the list of ARL, LAT and E-Metrics data elements. For now, the following reports are available.

Gate Count

The gate count reports use data that are extracted monthly from the Babbidge Library's exit and entrance gate count application. The reports show exit and entrance gate counts by month and year, by date and year, and an hourly exit-entrance gate count comparison by month, day and year.

Database and EJournal Usage

Since late 2002, the library has been tracking ejournal and database usage through a web-based click-tracking application. When library patrons access a database or journal by clicking its respective link from the library's database and ejournal locators (a.k.a. dCompass and eCompass), a hit is recorded within the click-tracking databases, recording the date and time the patron clicked the link, the database and journal name associated with the link, the link's URL, the patron's browser, and the IP address.

To create the SDIS database and ejournal usage reports, we query the click-tracking databases to give you a count of journal and database accesses by month, year and URL, plus a sum of the accesses by journal and database.

Library and Instruction Reports/Research Consultations

Building on a previous instruction entry web application, we expanded the application and developed reports to allow liaisons to build instruction and research consultation reports by date, instructor, campus, and session type. Reports contain data for the course name, instructor, session title, status, session type, session group sizes, and session dates.

Electronic Course Reserve Statistics

While the ECR Statistics reports were not on the liaisons' high-priority list of desired statistical reports, Steve Bustamante of Access Services requested a way to automate the monthly reporting of ECR statistics. Working with Elena Seville of UITS, Steve specified the comma-separated text files he needed from the WebCT server to do his reporting. Monthly, UITS posts text files on the WebCT web site. Shirley Quintero developed a Cold Fusion script which accesses and downloads the files from the WebCT web site and then inserts the records into a MySQL database. This fetching, downloading and inserting of records happens on a scheduled basis without the need for manual intervention or manipulation of data.

Digital Audio Reserve Statistics

The DAR data are fetched monthly from the WebCT server and inserted into a MySQL database. The current reports are being enhanced based on feedback received from Tracey Rudnick and the DAR team.

The reports show professors and library staff how often and when a PDF file was downloaded and the number of students downloading the files

ARL Collections Statistics

Working with Deb Sunday and Carole Dyal, we developed an ARL Collections statistics application to enable library staff to enter data using a web interface. Fiscal and calendar year reports are available for FY 2002-2003, FY 2003-2004, and FY2004-2005.


Expired SDIS Project Team

E-Metrics Task Team: Patrick McGlamery, Dave Bretthauer
ARL Task Team: Deb Sunday, Carole Dyal
Liaison Task Team: Scott Kennedy, Jill Livingston
Brio Task Team: John Gwinnell, Shirley Quintero