University of Connecticut

Course Reserves FAQ


The DVD or book I want to put on reserve for my class is on reserve for another class, what do I do now?

Many items are on reserve for more than one course. Submit your reserve request and we’ll also put the DVD or book on Reserve for your class, too.

How do I add an existing stream to my class?

Search our catalog to find streamed titles. This video shows you how to find and copy the link to streaming video.

How do I stream a film to my class that we don’t already own?

Send an email to your subject specialist to research the availability of streaming rights. Please plan a semester in advance for your streams as negotiations for rights can take several months. To the extent possible with available funds the Library supports streams for online (eCampus), very large, and distance learning classes.

Can I upload a PDF file from the Library’s online journals to HuskyCT?

No, most of our license agreements with full text vendors do not permit PDFs to be uploaded to HuskyCT. It is almost always permissible to link to a full text article, however. See Linking to EResources to learn how to make links to the Library’s ebooks, movie streams, and journals.