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University of Connecticut University Libraries

University of Connecticut

Daily List of

Journals at the Bindery


Items on this list are available on Friday, July 18, 2008

University of Connecticut Libraries

This list is produced on a regular basis, whenever journals are prepared for commercial binding.  The date and time this list was produced is indicated in the top left corner of each page (for an example, click here).

Journals are listed in alphabetical order by title.  The list is divided into several sections.  The first section contains journals from the Homer Babbidge Library general collections.  Subsequent sections include journals belonging to other collections in this building, elsewhere in Storrs, and the Regional campuses.  The code in the “Department” or the “Collect” [Collection] column indicates where the title is shelved (unless otherwise noted).  The department/collection codes are:

[BLANK]:  Homer Babbidge Library (3rd floor or Level A)

ART:  Unbound issues in Art & Design; bound volumes on 3rd floor or Level A

AVPT:  Avery Point Campus Library

HART:  Greater Hartford Campus Library

IMS:  Unbound issues in IMS Reading Room; bound volumes on 3rd floor or Level A

MAP:  Map Library

MATH:  Math Reading Room (Math/Physics Building)

MUSIC: Music and Dramatic Arts Library

PHARM:  Pharmacy Library (Pharmacy Building)

STAM:  Stamford Campus Library

TORR:  Torrington Campus Library

WTBY:  Waterbury Campus Library


Please ask at the Information Desk if you have any questions.

Click here to see the Daily List of Journals at the Bindery.

If a journal is not on this list, check the Weekly List of Journals at the Bindery.  The Weekly List, updated every Thursday morning, is a record of the journals currently at the bindery.


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