University of Connecticut

Scan on Demand

This service is currently subsidized by the university and allows you to request scanning and electronic delivery of chapters and articles from print resources owned by the UConn Libraries.

Who can use this service?

This service is available to UConn faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.

How do I make a request?
To request an article or chapter from a resource we own in print, the best way is to log into your My ILLiad account and choose the appropriate form from the menu on the left, Article or Book Chapter. 

Screenshot of request article or chapter

What kinds of things can I ask for?
You can request that we scan chapters and articles from books and journals that are available at the UConn Libraries. Please note that we cannot scan entire books or journal issues.

How quickly will I get my item?
We strive for a 48-hour turnaround time during the academic semester, from request to delivery. During recess, intercession, and summer, turnaround time may be longer. Items that are missing from the stacks will automatically be referred to DD-ILL for you.

How will you notify me when my item is available?
You will receive an email when your item becomes available.

How long will the document remain available to me?
The document will remain accessible to you for 30 days from the time it was posted. You can delete documents by clicking the “Delete” link to the right of the article information.

What do I do if I accidentally delete a document?
Please contact us to have a document resent.

What if I want to request something not owned by UConn?
Please refer to DD-ILL’s FAQ section “How can I borrow a book, DVD, VHS, CD, music score, or other material not owned by UConn?”