University of Connecticut

Reserve Request Instructions

Reserve Requests are submitted from the Library Resouces Page in your HuskyCT course site.

      • During this time of limited funding instructor’s are requested to draw Reserve materials, whenever possible, from the Library’s physical or online collections or from the instructor’s personal collection.  While there is funding to purchase select items not already owned by the Library or the instructor, these funds are limited and need to be expended judiciously.
      • Faculty teaching Fall 2015 classes can avoid processing delays by submitting their reserve requests AT LEAST two weeks before the date they are needed on your syllabus, earlier if they must be purchased.
      • Please note: Reserve requests needed during the two weeks prior to the start of the semester and the first two weeks of the semester may not be filled by the date needed if not submitted well in advance of this time period.
      • Faculty requesting streams we don’t own should allow one semester’s lead time. Priority for acquiring new streaming video is given to online, blended, and distance learning classes.

Follow these steps to make your reserve requests:

      1. Request your HuskyCT course in PeopleSoft if you or your department have not already done so.
      2. Once your HuskyCT course site is available to you, log in to HuskyCT and click on the class you want to add reserve items to.
      3. Click on Library Resources in the left column menu. If prompted, choose the appropriate semester then click Submit.
      4. From the left column menu click on Add Reserve Items, and then on the appropriate icon for the type of item you wish to add. Complete the form, red asterisked items are required, then click submit.
      5. To import reserve items from a previous class, click on Library Resources in the left column menu then click on the class you want to import reseve items from. Uncheck any items you don’t want then Single click the Import button one time only.

For more information on how to use the new system go to this website:

If you’ve been using the new Library Resources for a while and are puzzled by some aspects of it, check out these frequently asked questions.

The new software has several advantages for you over the old:

      • You can set start and end dates for when you want each item to be available to students.
      • You can tag items of special interest, e.g. all the readings that will be on Exam 1 can be tagged, “Exam 1″ and your students will be able to sort by those tags. They will also be able to add their own personal tags.
      • You don’t have to go to a separate website to submit reserve requests, the request forms are embedded within the new Library Resources link in HuskyCT.
      • You can see the status of all items you have requested the library to provide from the time you submit your request until they are available to your students.
      • You can see your past reserve lists and copy items you used in past semesters to courses in current semesters, individually or en masse.
      • You can submit requests via WorldCat and it will complete the reserve request forms for you. No more retyping bibiliographic information for catalogued items.
      • You can see how many times each reserve item was accessed and which student accessed it.
      • Your students can choose to receive emails when new items are added to your reserve list.