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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Patron Services

Request and Holds
Interlibrary Loan
Scan on Demand
Boston Library Consortium
Proxy Patron
Honors Students


Recalling a book that is charged out is a service available only to UConn faculty, students, emeritus retirees, staff, and affiliates of the University. To avoid a $5.00 per day fine, return recalled books promptly. Borrowers who are temporarily unable to respond to recall notices should contact iDesk staff at (860) 486-2518 to make prior arrangements and avoid overdue charges.

Procedures for placing RECALLS online are as follows:

  • From a HOMER book title record, click on the Recall This Item button at the top of the screen.
  • From the NetID/Single-Sign-On page, click on the blue box.
  • Enter your NetID and Password.
  • Click on Login.
  • Click on OK to select Recall.
  • Click Submit Request at bottom of screen.
  • If the Recall was completed the following message will appear: Your Patron Initiated Request was successful.

For any other messages or complications call 860-486-2518 or email

Requests and Holds

The free Request Service allows you to request that circulating items from any UConn campus library (Storrs, Avery Point, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, or Greater Hartford) be pulled and held for pickup at the circulation desk of your choice. Please see the Request Service page for more information.


If you cannot locate an item on the shelf, you can request it, and we will search it for you. Please see the Request Service page for more information. If we find it, we will deliver it to the pickup location you have chosen. If we are unable to find the item, we will automatically transfer the item to Interlibrary Loan. (Exception: community borrowers are not eligible for the Interlibrary Loan servce.)

Scan on Demand

This free service allows you to request scanning and electronic delivery of chapters and articles from print resources owned by the UConn Libraries. For more information, please see the Scan on Demand page.

Boston Library Consortium

The University of Connecticut Libraries is a member of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC). As a member, the University community is offered privileges associated with the Boston Library Consortium Card Program.

  • Eligibility

University of Connecticut (Health Center and Law School communities excluded) faculty, staff, visiting scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and retirees are eligible for a BLC Card. Applicants must have an active unblocked patron record in the University of Connecticut Library's (UCL) patron file.

  • Registration

Applicants may register for the BLC Card at the Babbidge Library iDesk or at any of the Circulation Desks at any of the Regional Campus Libraries. BLC Cards are issued to faculty, staff, visiting scholars, graduate students, and retirees with an expiration date of August 31st of the current year. BLC Cards are issued to undergraduate students with an expiration date of the current semester. Cards may be renewed as long as the applicant still meets eligibility criteria. Consortium Cards are non-transferable.

  • Borrowing Privileges and Borrower Responsibilities

Borrowing privileges vary at each member institution. There are different loan periods and fine structures at each library. Cardholders are responsible for any charges accrued. Failure to abide by lending library rules may result in the loss of library privileges at all BLC libraries. Borrowers should return materials to the home library.

  • Requesting BLC Materials

For more information on the BLC, including information on how to place requests for BLC materials online, please see the Boston Library Consortium page.

Proxy Patron Program

Faculty, University administrators and staff may employ students (both graduate and undergraduate) to serve as research assistants. Duties of these research assistants include locating items in the library and subsequently checking them out on behalf of the employer (aka Proxy Grantor.) These students are registered as Proxy Patrons at the iDesk.

Any items charged out of the library on behalf of the Proxy Grantor will be charged to the Proxy Grantor's record. The students must show iDesk staff their own UCONN photo ID when registering and checking out items.

Use the Proxy Borrower Permission form in order to set up privileges as a Proxy Patron. The Proxy Grantor must sign the form in order for it to be valid. The form should be brought to the iDesk by the research assistant/Proxy Patron for processing.

Honors Students

Undergraduate students participating in the Honors Students Program receive graduate student/faculty borrowing privileges for books at the Babbidge Library and the regional campuses libraries. These enhanced borrowing privileges provide Honors Students with extended access to resources for their academic courses, thesis work, and undergraduate research.

The privileges are as follows:

180-day loan period for books

Five 180 -day renewals that can be conducted on-line

Books may be recalled by other users, and would have to be brought back to the library after a student receives a recall notice

Books may be borrowed beyond the 5th 180-day renewal period if they are brought back to the library for discharge and inspection and have not been requested by other patrons.