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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Historical Background

What is the scholarly communication crisis? It is the loss of access to the scholarly research literature, as the rising cost of journal subscriptions far out-strip institutional library budgets. Each year libraries can afford to subscribe to fewer and fewer journals. Over the last 15 years, the price of research journals has risen over 200% (compare with the Consumer Price Index, up 57% over this same period). Consequently, academic libraries are subscribing to fewer and fewer titles - and slashing book buying as well (see ARL's 2001 The Impact of Serial Costs on Library Collections). The inflation is due to a number of factors; most prominently, commercial publishers controlling an increasing percentage of titles, at the expense of scholarly societies and university presses. Profit margins for commercial publishers typically are at least 20% - with the profits coming from university libraries. Mergers and acquisitions exacerbate the trend, to the point where five publishers now produce over 50% of the science journals received at the University of Connecticut.

Origins of the Crisis in Scholarly Communication
Correct and concise outline, from Iowa State University
To Publish and Perish [pdf] (1998)
Joint statement from a national meeting of presidents, chief academic officers, and librarians of major research universities in the U.S.
Open Access Forum in the journal Nature March/ April, 2004


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