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finding NURSING INFORMATION: search for books

types of nursing information    start with a good topic    decide what kind of information you need    search for journal articles    search for books    search for statistics    evaluating search results    getting full-text    journal title abbreviations    citing sources    getting citations automatically via e-mail    To find out what books we have in the UConn Libraries, you'll need to search the library catalog, HOMER.


Quick tips for searching HOMER

Book or video titles: omit the leading article. If you want to know whether the library has "A caring approach in nursing administration", you would select title search and type "caring approach in nursing administration"

Journal titles: again, omit the leading article.

Authors: type last name first. Example: nightingale florence

Keyword--relevance: type all the words you want in the record. Example: nursing theory history

Keyword--boolean: put AND between your topics. Put phrases in quotation marks. Example: "nursing theory" AND history

Suject--heading: can be good for exploring topics. This search will look for exact subjects designated by the Library of Congress or Library of Medicine

To find out what books are at the UConn Health Center library, search the UCHC catalog, Lyman
To find out what books are at the National Library of Medicine, search the NLM catalog, LocatorPlus
We may not own the books you find in the UCHC or NLM catalogs. Visit the tutorial section on getting fulltext to find out how you can order books from other libraries.

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