University of Connecticut

Finding Materials at Homer Babbidge Library

Have a CALL NUMBER? Find the it in Babbidge Library.

First, check the LOCATION in the catalog record.
Some records say which Level to find the item.
Like this: Location: Babbidge Media Video Disc-Level 1

If it says simply Babbidge Library, use this chart.

EXAMPLE: HQ1233 .D68 2010

Starts with “H”: book on 2 South.


ArrowCall Number Begins with:
A General Works Level A
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 4 N
C History: Auxiliary Sciences 4 S
D History: General and Old World 4 S
E History: United States 4 S
F History: Western Hemisphere 4 N
G Geography, Anthrop., Recreation 4 N
H Social Science 2 S
J Political Science 2 S
K Law Level A
L Education 2 S
M Music Music Building
N Fine Arts Art Library 2 N
P Literature & Languages 4 N
PZ Misc. Lit./ Juvenile Fiction Level A
Q Science 2 N
R Medicine 2 N
S Agriculture 2 N
T Technology 2 N
U Military Science Level A
V Naval Science Level A
Z Bibliography & Library Sci. Level A
GlassesBooks noted as “Oversize” will be on North side of same Level.
000 General & Bibliography Level B
100 Philosophy & Psychology Level B
200 Religion Level B
300 Social Science Level B
400 Languages & Linguistics Level B
500 Sciences Level B
600 Technology Level B
800 Literature Level B
900 Geography & History Level B

Floor Maps to Babbidge Library
Level 4: Top Floor
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Plaza: Entrance/Exit
Level B
Level A: Bottom Floor


Babbidge Library
Babbidge Art Library 2 N
Babbidge Bound Journal (1960+) 3
Babbidge Bound Journal (pre-1960) Level A
Babbidge Connecticut Documents Level B
Babbidge Audio / Video / DVD 1 S
Babbidge Research Microfilm / Microfiche 3
Babbidge Current (Unbound) Journals 3
Babbidge Federal Documents Level B
Babbidge Leisure Reading Collection Level B
Babbidge Map Library Map Library, 4
Babbidge Reference Level B
Babbidge Reserve Plaza
Babbidge Theses & Dissertations Level A
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