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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this Library serve?
The Harleigh B. Trecker (HBT) Library serves the programs of the University of Connecticut's Greater Hartford Campus including over 1,200 graduate students working towards degrees in education, public policy, and social work and more than 1,000 undergraduates. The Library is also open to the public. 

What kind of services are there?
Our print collections cover a variety of academic topics, mostly relating to the social sciences. Our electronic collections span all subjects taught at the University and include hundreds of databases and thousands of ejournals and ebooks. UConn students, faculty, and staff have full access to all of HBT's resources. The general public may use materials in-house and, for a fee, borrow books. DD/ILL services are not available to the general public. Patrons may also use our free public scanners and tech charging station.

How big is the Library?
HBT is housed on two floors of the Library Building. The main entrance is on the second floor. This floor is home to the library service desk, the reference collection, SuperHOMER terminals linking users to UConn's vast array of databases and the Internet, the periodicals collections, and books classified A-HS. In addition, users with laptops can link to the internet through jacks available on the main floor. The upper floor, which is accessed inside the Library, houses books classified HT-Z and oversize materials. Seating is available on both floors. 

Can I do my e-mail and word processing at the Library?
Due to the demand for HBT's research terminals, the Library is not able to offer e-mail or word processing services (although users with laptops are free to use their own equipment). The Greater Hartford Campus Computer Center, adjacent to the Library Building, does provide for these activities. 

When is the Library open?
During the semester HBT is open from 9-9 Monday through Thursday and 10-5 Friday and Saturday. Hours vary for finals, holidays, summers, and recesses. Please call 860-570-9024 to confirm library hours.

Do I have to come to the Library to use its services?
As long as you have a NetID and password, off-campus access requires no special instructions. When you try to access a UConn-only resource (such as a research database), you will be prompted to log in using your NetID/password.  Once you've logged in, you can open other UConn-only resources without having to login again. Forgot your NetID and/or password?  Visit UConn's NetID Web.

Do you have photocopiers? 
HBT provides b&w photocopiers (10 cents/page) and a color photocopier (35 cents/page). Additional reader/printer equipment (20 cents/page) for microtext journals. Copies from the printer are 10 cents/page.

How do I contact the Library?
Phone: access services 860-570-9024, reference 860-570-9032, hours line 860-570-9099

Finally, why does the building say School of Law on the front and who was Harleigh B. Trecker?
The Library Building, constructed in 1962, housed the School of Law until the mid-1980's when the law school moved to its new campus in Hartford. Harleigh B. Trecker was a popular dean of the School of Social Work. In 1985, separate libraries for the undergraduate program, the School of Social Work (also called the Harleigh B. Trecker Library) and the School of Business Administration were brought together in the location of the former Law School Library. The new Library was re-dedicated to Dean Trecker that same year. Dean Trecker's photograph is on display at HBT.

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